“Throwing Shade” The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode 7 recap/commentary


It’s time for Lisa’s Closet Freak
fashion show. But what does that have to do with the title of this episode,
“Throwing Shade”? Thankfully, NeNe clarifies what this means for us after
Sheree missed the show possibly on purpose. By not attending, NeNe says,
Sheree—who had already spent much of the episode calling Lisa’s fashion
ambitions “copycat” and sniffing that she was glad she could “inspire the less
fashionable”—was essentially saying to Lisa, “Let me throw you a little shade.”
Or the old cold shoulder, as it were.

But let’s not get ahead of
ourselves. We open with Lisa’s casting call for her show’s models. She’s
brutal. “Next!” (rolls eyes at anyone above a size 2) “Next!” (rolls eyes when
a model trips) “Next!” (rolls eyes when a model didn’t bring heels) … You get
my drift. Lisa’s worried she’s going to lose hair over the stress of the show.
“Don’t worry,” says someone behind her. “Whatever you lose, we’ll glue back.”

NeNe is editing her book, the
now-released Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. “I’ve got to make it work.” Wait … did no one tell NeNe
that Tim Gunn moved to Lifetime?
She and Gregg discuss her son, Bryson, who has
dropped out of college and is staying out all hours of the night. “Is he too
old to be adopted?” asks my favorite, Gregg. “Can we put him on eBay?” Later,
when Gregg and NeNe confront Bryson, it’s like they’re playing spoiled son Mad
Nene: “You’re still under our roof, so you’re still under our …
(silence). “Supervision?” guesses Bryson. “Annnd?” asks Gregg. “Rules?” Bryson
fills in the blanks later, too. “I’m doing this because I …” queries NeNe.
“Love me?” Yep. Good son.

Meanwhile, Kim has taken her
youngest daughter to get some clothing custom made, and even though it’s
ridiculously indulgent (the tally is more than $3,000—“I shop and act like the
bill’s never going to come”), the looks by Regina Bell are adorable. Kim’s
daughter on the other hand … well, maybe Kim wasn’t so off when she said her
girls were “mini-mes.”
“Is this Dior,” she asks Kim, referring to one of Kim’s
articles of clothing. “Don’t you remember, I’m going to die in Dior,” replies
Kim. “Well I’m going to die in Juicy Couture,” says the small fry.

Kandi is in the studio with
producer Don Vito and one of his staffers, working on the remix of Kim’s song,
“Tardy for the Party.” Oh, wait—oops. Kandi didn’t tell DV who the song was
for. “We got to put on our operating gloves,” he says, referring, I’m sure, to
some Auto-Tune work. “We can make anybody hot,” replies Kandi.

Kim meets with stylist Derek J; he’s
going to help her with her wig line. “I want porno hair,” she tells him. Later,
she holds a wig party. NeNe comes and tries on Kim’s blonde wig. “My advice
would be, don’t buy a blonde wig,” NeNe says afterward. “They do squeeze your
brain and make you go crazy.” Yep, under the guise of being under the influence
of the wig, NeNe makes scathing fun of Kim. The room goes silent as NeNe crosses
the line mimicking Kim, pretending she’s on the phone with “Big Poppa.”

And I don’t
remember what comment was made about NeNe’s eating or weight, but she has one of my
favorite lines of the night in response. “I’m a ten, but I could be a size
eight, but I don’t feel like it. Want to know why? Because I’m f—ing hungry!”

What did you think? Who was your favorite (or
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