Vikki Locke breaks her silence about separating from her “on-air husband”


On Monday morning, B98.5 FM morning show host Vikki Locke took to Facebook to speak out about the sudden departure of her longtime morning radio partner Steve McCoy in February for the first time since Cox Communications opted not to renew his contract earlier this year.

“Steve’s contract has run out at Cox Communications, giving me the chance to speak with you about what happened back in February,” Locke wrote to her Facebook Friends.

“Contractually, I was unable to say anything and it has been a stressful four months to say the least. I can only tell you that I believe the change was an economical decision by Cox Communications.”

Locke went on to tell listeners: “Many of you are going through the same thing, not knowing from day to day if you will have a job when you wake each morning. In this day and time, I am grateful to be employed. I have a mortgage like you do. I miss my on-air husband of more than 25 years, and Steve and I remain great friends. If you don’t know, he is currently working in Denver, Colorado and doing very well. I hope his ratings soar.”

As of noon Monday, more than 33 comments had been posted from fans below the statement. Most echoed listener Chana Szczupak Coughlin‘s sentiments: “Wish you and Steve the best and continued success. It is hard listening to one of you without the other on the radio but there are some things out of our control. Please let Will [Gara] and Jessica [Forkel] know they are great!! You guys make a great team.”