Why Georgia?

Executives say Georgia is the perfect landing spot.
Illustration by Joey Guidone

Business and Civic Partnership 

“Since making our home here nearly 80 years ago, Delta has achieved the status of the world’s number one global airline, while the state has become a major center for international business and commerce. It’s a unique example of a historic partnership between business, civic, and community leaders. Georgia is the perfect home for Delta as we move into the future.”

Keyra Lynn Johnson, vice president and chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, Delta Air Lines, Atlanta


Diversity and Inclusion

“Leadership, commitment, and hard work. Georgia . . . [has become] an economic powerhouse that nurtures business growth and development, fuels innovation, and embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, with low taxation, affordable housing, and a high quality of life. Lower production costs, a diverse topography, access to the world’s most traveled airport, an accessible and adaptive education system, and a skilled workforce provide an impressive competitive edge.”

Veronica Maldonado-Torres, president and CEO, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta


Natural Resources

“We initially chose Georgia to start Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods because we call it home. We both grew up in Georgia and attended UGA. As our business evolves, we stay in Georgia for more practical reasons, including access to exceptional natural resources as well as the close proximity to the world’s busiest airport for the convenience of our client base.”

Bill Oyster, co-founder with wife ShannenOyster Bamboo Fly Rods, Blue Ridge


Vibrant Communities

“We enjoy all four seasons. Hartsfield-Jackson allows you to get anywhere in the world with ease. And friendliness—there truly is something to be said for Southern hospitality and service with a smile. We are blessed with state and local governments that balance growth with the quality of life. They work with the citizens to create sustainable and vibrant communities for everyone to live, work, and play.” 

RK Whitehead, president, Whitehead Die Casting Company, Gainesville


Business-Friendly Climate

“[We appreciate] the fourth-largest deep seaport in the country and busiest passenger airport in the world; incredible world-class universities to provide a steady influx of skilled professionals; and a business-friendly climate. But most importantly, we could not ask for a better community. In Georgia, industrial authorities, mayors’ offices, and state and local governments work together to support business.”

Jim Reed, president, zipper manufacturer YKK Corporation of America, Marietta