Atlanta 500

The Tradition Continues...

Help us identify Atlanta's most influential business and civic leaders.

Atlanta Magazine will publish the seventh annual volume of the Atlanta 500 (2025 edition) in January 2025.  To assist us in identifying new and potential leaders that are deserving of this recognition, please take a moment to nominate someone by clicking on the button above. Nominations are open now through August 2nd. Our magazine was started by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce in 1961 for the sole purpose of illuminating the newly minted “Capital of the South.” Many years and iterations later, the magazine continues to have its finger on the pulse of the city’s power players – some obvious, others under the radar. The editorial staff of Atlanta Magazine spends all year discussing and debating what and who represents the city’s most powerful. Throughout its 63 years, the magazine has profiled many power players in our pages. Each year, the Atlanta 500 list is refreshed and updated to include new and emerging leaders in our city.  We tackle the audacious and painstaking process of narrowing that list to the 500 most powerful. Join us for this seventh annual edition – sure to be the focus of discussion in corporate boardrooms and executive suites for many months.

“To those whose assessment of Atlanta is that we don’t quite live up to our reputation, I offer this as a resource and not just an accounting of who’s who. It’s an anthology of the power that resides in Atlanta. There are some who are naturally deemed powerful. Politicians. Executives. Celebrities. And the like. But power is not only ascribed to those who are typically powerful. As someone reminded me, there is power in simply improving the lives of the people around you, often without the resources of the aforementioned. Much of what Atlanta today wouldn’t exist without those who challenged and continue to challenge power in every sector that comprises Atlanta 500 and the city at large.” — Jacqueline J. Holness, Editor, Atlanta 500