Atlanta Magazine’s January 2021 Issue

A note from Sean McGinnis, President & Publisher:

Welcome to 2021! For so many reasons we are glad to put 2020 behind us. For Atlanta magazine, we’ve been anticipating this year for some time as we begin the celebration of our 60th Anniversary. And, in keeping with our commitment of providing a complimentary digital edition to our growing audience, we are excited to share with you the January issue of Atlanta magazine—one of several throughout the year that will help share the stories that graced our pages over the past six decades.

This issue includes a curated collection of the most impactful stories we’ve produced over sixty years. You’ll want to hang on to this issue for a while as it’s sure to be something you’ll want to refer back to and share with family and friends.

Atlanta magazine was launched in 1961 by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to promote economic development at a time when the city was competing to be the “Capitol of the South.” As we begin our 60th year, much has changed with our city and with our magazine. Content is created and delivered in many different formats, but Atlanta’s rich editorial legacy will always be the guiding force that keeps our audience coming back for more. Whether you consume our content in the palm of your hand, on your desktop or iPad, via social media, or by escaping for a few hours with a print edition, one thing is consistent: The magazine remains a great teller of stories.

In the year ahead, we’re planning a series of conversations with the introduction of The Business Forum—a monthly webcast of nationally-recognized business experts, authors, and thought leaders—and a local series of in-person and webcast conversations with members of our Atlanta 500. We also plan to begin meeting again in person for some of Atlanta magazine’s signature events, including a blockbuster 60th Anniversary Reception later this year.

Be sure to join us by subscribing to our email newsletters and following us on any number of our social channels. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to stay up-to-date and connected with us and our partners. We look forward to sharing our Anniversary celebration with you all year long. While we will always remain dedicated to delivering compelling stories in print, we are excited to bring you this digital edition as a complement to the print issue and, by so doing, extend our reach even further.

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