Atlanta Magazine’s July 2023 Issue

A note from Sean McGinnis, President & Publisher:

We always look forward to July because that means a new edition of Top Doctors. As our best-selling issue of the year, we make sure to bring our readers the most reliable list of Atlanta’s top physicians. We conduct thorough research to compile this list, and this year, we have a section dedicated to answering your questions about our methodology. Doctors are an inspiration to all, but sometimes, the patients are just as much of an inspiration to doctors. In this issue, we explore various specialties of some of our featured doctors and why they chose their career paths. In many cases, it was because of the patients they treated along the way.

Farmers in Georgia are facing a mental health crisis. In fact, 29 percent of them reported thinking of dying by suicide at least once a month. Due to the rural areas where most of these people make their livelihoods, some level of isolation is almost always guaranteed. As is the stigma of seeking mental healthcare. However, an outreach program called Meet at the Shed is determined to meet the farmers wherever they are.

First Step, an initiative in Athens, aims to assist unhoused people by providing temporary shelter via encampments of canvas tents, sanitary waste services, and mental health counseling. More than 200 people are on the waitlist. However, Athens residents wonder what the permanent solution will result from this temporary one.

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