Atlanta Magazine’s October 2023 Issue

A note from Sean McGinnis, President & Publisher:

For our October issue, we are proud to celebrate Atlanta’s historically Black colleges and universities, or HBCUs. These schools have shaped the fabric of the city and Atlanta would be nothing like it is today without them. In this issue, we will explore how the Atlanta University Center has shaped generations of leaders, the push to win for HBCU athletic programs despite uneven funding, and what the future holds for these schools as well as their students.

The Atlanta University Center is the world’s largest and oldest group of private institutions existing specifically for the higher education of Black students. It continues to excel and produce some of our city’s greatest citizens. What many may be surprised about is the AUC’s influence on Atlanta hip-hop as many artists, DJs, and music executives all graced AUC campuses. As hip-hop turns 50, learn more about the AUC’s critical role in the city’s musical roots.

Morris Brown College has had many ups and downs in its 140-year history. With its distinction as the first Black-conceived, Black-founded, and Black-funded center of learning in the state, its faith in Black self-determination is part of the school’s DNA. Back in 2002, the school experienced a low point when it lost its accreditation after it was revealed that faculty members were misappropriating funds. However, after some changes in staffing, capital campaigns, and the selling of property, it eventually had its accreditation restored. In 2020, the school received its largest class in 20 years. Read about how this resilient college faces setbacks and how students connect with this sentiment.

HBCUs are an integral part of Atlanta’s history and aim to give access to postsecondary education to historically minoritized students. So, what is next for these institutions? The United Negro College Fund’s Nadrea R. Njoku talks about growing the public support, best practices, and unprecedented collaboration that will ensure HBCU success for years to come.

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