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Tara Roberts Into the Depths

National Geographic Explorer and podcaster Tara Roberts on diving for slave shipwrecks

Tara Roberts spent the last few years following and diving with Black scuba divers as they document slave shipwrecks around the world. She retold those stories in her six-part podcast series, Into the Depths, and, in the process, found a way to honor the lives of lost ancestors
Three women are laying the foundation for a new, pro-Black city in central Georgia

Meet the three women laying the foundation for a new, pro-Black city in central Georgia

“We want freedom . . . from all of the things that feel outside of our control, freedom from police brutality, freedom from these disparities around our health and our wellness.” That was the thought that inspired Ashley Scott, Laura Riley-Cooper, and Renee Walters to start the Freedom Georgia Initiative and build a community in Wilkinson County.
Pamela Winn

After miscarrying in a Georgia detention center, Pamela Winn became a powerful voice for women in prison—and for those trying to leave it behind

Winn helped spearhead the successful bipartisan 2019 bill in Georgia that prohibited the shackling of pregnant women in prisons and jails. Today, her goal is to end prison birth completely.
Sedrick Rowe

Part of Georgia’s inaugural group of licensed hemp growers, Sedrick Rowe hopes to inspire a new generation of young Black farmers

Rowe, who turned 30 this year, wants to empower Black people to thrive in the farming industry, recognizing in it the possibility of economic self-sufficiency and even generational wealth. And he hopes hemp will be part of that.

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