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In case you missed it, the new Atlanta Braves stadium site is under construction. See what it looks like right now.

The Atlanta Braves’ up-and-down streakiness has left them one game behind the Washington Nationals in the NL East (at least, that is, until the Nats play tonight). In the midst of this season’s roller-coaster ride, some may have forgotten about the team’s new stadium in Cobb County set to open in 2017. And the warm and fuzzy feelings from the weekend’s Hall of Fame inductions of Bobby Cox, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux might have just been enough to put outrage about the planned relocation on the back burner for most fans. (We stress: Most; not all.)

Here’s what you may have missed. Cobb County commissioners unanimously approved the stadium deal on May 27, leading to site clearing starting around three weeks ahead of schedule. A zoning change was again unanimously approved on July 15, allowing the whole site to be developed–not just the land the ballpark would cover. And on Friday, a Cobb judge approved the county’s plans to issue bonds to cover its share of the new ballpark.

It can be difficult to understand what all of that means, so check out the slideshow above to see what the future home of the Braves looks like right now.

Money magazine’s new college rankings are out, and they do not favor Georgia schools

For years, nervous parents and curious high school students have flocked to the annual U.S. News & World Report National University Rankings. However much or little the rankings actually mean, they’re certainly fun to look at—and other media outlets have been getting into the game. The latest to come out with a college ranking is Money magazine, which attempts to determine which “four-year colleges offer the most bang for your tuition buck.” The top two might surprise–Babson College and Webb Institute, respectively–but the top five is rounded off by more usual suspects: MIT, Princeton University, and Stanford University.

Money’s rankings are not kind to Georgia schools, only two of which made the top 100 (Georgia Tech at No. 42 and the University of Georgia at No. 62). Emory University checks in at No. 156, followed by Agnes Scott College (No. 307), Georgia College & State University (No. 359), and Georgia State University (No. 382). A few schools occupy embarrassingly low positions: Savannah College of Art and Design is at  657, just a few rungs above Morehouse College, which at No. 664, claims the lowest spot in Georgia rankings.

For comparison’s sake, Emory takes Georgia’s top spot in the 2014 U.S. News & World Report rankings at No. 20, followed by Georgia Tech at 36 and UGA in a tie with Texas’ Southern Methodist University for 60. No other Georgia school made the USNWR cut, though the system stopped handing out numbers after a six-way tie for No. 201.

Video of the Day: AJC reporter turned rapper explains today’s elections

AJC reporter Daniel Malloy, known on the streets as D-Mal, has donned his shades and fired up his webcam for a political rap about today’s Republican senate runoff election. You may recognize him from the verses he dropped back in May, like “In the senate race, that’s where it gets tricky / Five people, two slots, people get picky.” Well, now it’s down to two–U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston and businessman David Perdue– and Malloy hasn’t missed a beat. Well, technically, he misses a few. But what he lacks in flow, he makes up for in fervor.

Where the Washington correspondent learned his rap skills, we’ll never know. And hey, the AJC seems pretty pumped about the video. But, in the words of Gawker reporter Hamilton Nolan, “There is absolutely no reason for this to exist.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.53.59 PM

> Click on the image above, or here, to watch the video. (Suggestion to AJC: If you want your videos to be more usefully embeddable, use a non-Flash format.)

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