Bantam and Biddy


Shaun Doty opened his first rotisserie chicken joint (with an extensive menu that goes well beyond poultry) in the fall and brought a creative culinary jolt to Ansley Mall, long a stronghold of mediocre chains. His savvy approach extends to breakfast, when he plies sleepy customers with pork schnitzel and chopped liver on toast straight from the lunch and dinner menus. Fret not, traditionalists: Eggs and biscuits make an appearance too.

ORDER THIS: Crisp fried chicken strips over cheddar waffle with Steen’s cane syrup; the Southern (three organic eggs cooked any style with heirloom speckled grits, pimento cheese, bacon, and jalapeño cheese bread); and, as a decadent side, poutine (fries doused with chicken gravy and cheese curds).

1544 Piedmont Road, 404-907-3469,