Antidote to modern stress: Spa at Mandarin Oriental


Best of Atlanta Fitness & Beauty badgeThe new O2 Awakening Facial is a breath of fresh air. Aestheticians use products with concentrated oxygen molecules to decongest and detoxify skin, as well as a pleasantly tingling glycolic acid treatment that exfoliates and evens out skin tone on the face and neckline. Guests emerge with smoother, brighter skin that glows for days. It’s an ideal way to rebound from travel, especially when coupled with the spa’s Digital Wellness Escape (a treatment package tailored for those who stare at laptop and phone screens all day). In fact, the Mandarin hosts occasional full-day wellness retreats designed specifically to help you unplug from technology. While you’re there, don’t skip the luxe facilities; every spa treatment gives you all-day access to the saunas, steam rooms, and vitality pool, all updated after a nearly complete major renovation.

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This article originally appeared in our December 2017 issue.