Andisheh Nouraee on Twitter

East Ponce de Leon at East Court Square*, Decatur, GA, 30030

Nouraee tweets about the serious to the absurd. He’s the city’s premier microculture critic, with his tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Website: http://www.twitter.com/andishehnouraee

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Laurel Snyder

Website only, Atlanta, GA, 30303

This prolific scribe (five novels and six picture books) tackles serious subjects like divorce and interfaith family life with equal parts pathos and humor.

Website: http://laurelsnyder.com/

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Peachtree Keen

Krog Street*, Atlanta, GA, 30307

The author intersperses her thoughtfully glib comments on MARTA, Krog Street Tunnel, and the Clermont. Her takes on transit and Southern identity are must-reads.

Website: http://peachtreekeen.tumblr.com

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982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30316


Since opening in 2004, this inspirational nonprofit committed to advocating for arts, artists, and social change has hosted more than 1,000 music shows and 700-plus classes for artists.

Website: http://www.wonderroot.org/

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