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Room Envy

Room Envy: A relaxed dining room in West End

“Low seating feels more relaxed than traditional seating,” says Palmer Schallon, who built the furniture in this dining room. He and his wife, Melissa—both set decorators in the film industry—recently moved to this West End home from Los Angeles.

Marietta Melt Yard transforms into a pinball playground

In addition to over-the-top milkshakes and an eight-patty burger called Meat Mountain, Melt Yard will have 14 pinball machines, a claw machine, and classic arcade games like NBA Jam, Street Fighter, and Cruising USA.
Birdy Biscuits is back for one day only

Zeb Stevenson’s Birdy Biscuits is back for one day only

When fine dining spot Redbird closed on the Westside last year, it also meant the end of owner/chef Zeb Stevenson’s famed Birdy Biscuits. The weekend-only offering was known for lines around the corner, as eager Atlantans downed fried chicken biscuits, guava biscuits, and cinnamon rolls served from a walk-up window. Now, the pop-up returns for one night only.

The Balloon Museum at Pullman Yards will blow you away. What to know before you go.

Designed to be immersive, the family-friendly museum takes about an hour and a half to fully experience. Each exhibit is different, with art ranging from black-lit, anime-style punching bags to bubbles that emit smoke when they pop to humongous suspended inner tubes that change height. It’s a series of captivating displays that use sound and movement, as well as texture and color, to garner attention. Here's what to know before you go.
Two plumber’s daughters carry on the family business

These plumber’s daughters are carrying on the family business

"Our marketing is all hot pink and sparkles—we just decided to have fun with it," says Michelle Cary. "Our slogan is 'Armed, Licensed and Fabulous.' We posed all the women plumbers in prom dresses—they were not excited at first, but it came out really great. We have hot-pink hard hats. Why not? We have fun."
2024 marks the rise of the independent Atlanta artist

2024 marks the rise of the independent Atlanta artist

I'm not sure who created the term artrepreneur, but it characterizes the Atlanta art scene very well. I am declaring 2024 year the rise of the independent, self-producing artist. 
Atlanta Vibe

New professional sports teams launch in Atlanta

Not sure if you’ve ever tried launching a professional sports team before, but there’s a lot to it. Selecting logos. Setting schedules. Building hype. But apparently, Atlanta makes choosing a home city easy. In addition to the familiar big leagues, new pro teams are coming to the ATL.
Why an Emory physician built a second career as a death penalty expert

Why an Emory physician built a second career as a death penalty expert

For the past decade, Dr. Joel Zivot has acted as a medical expert in numerous death penalty cases throughout the South. Legal defense teams seek him out for medical examinations before execution, for expert testimony in court, and, in rare cases, for autopsies to assess a victim’s experience during execution.

48 secret destinations in the South to add to your travel list

These hidden gems, undisclosed attractions, and lesser-known events are waiting to be discovered—you just have to know where to look.

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