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Living Walls, The City Speaks

Living Walls, The City Speaks, is an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in August 2010 in the city of Atlanta. Along with changing the urban landscape, the Living Walls conference set out to highlight a number of problems facing the city. Living Walls did not just showcase art, but also built a platform for much-needed dialogue in the city.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Scope of work included renovation of public restrooms, repair/replace doors and gates, electrical and mechanical upgrades, lighting retrofit, elevator upgrades, addition of HVAC units, signage, painting and repairs of exterior and interior, plumbing upgrades, fencing, redesign interior seating areas, replace damaged glass in windows, exterior lighting, and other improvements.

Elevate / Art Above Underground

Artists and art collaborators were invited to apply for funding support to develop temporary art projects along the Upper Alabama street corridor and throughout locations in central Downtown Atlanta.

Woodruff Park Playground

Shaped with Atlanta in mind, the playground’s design mimics the letters “ATL,” and features climbing walls, monkey bars and two differently sized slides. The playground’s installation is a part of the larger Woodruff Park Master Plan, which is a detailed vision of Downtown’s most distinctive green space.

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