Honoring Hollywood’s departed: The art of creating TCM Remembers

For classic movie aficionados, it may be the most crucial 4 minutes and fifty seven seconds of programming Turner Classic Movies airs all year. Each December, the Atlanta-based basic cable celluloid wonderland debuts its annual TCM Remembers in memoriam tribute to the Hollywood stars both big and small who have died over the past 12 months. The remembrance airs between films on the channel through Jan. 1. The artfully created clip reels are so beloved, film fans routinely upload them to share with each other on YouTube. Then they search online to determine the music used as the soundtrack to the piece, wait breathlessly to see which fallen star is assigned the solitary piece of dialogue in each tribute and who has been given the coveted final fade out position in the piece. The tribute is so highly regarded by film fans that many gripe on message boards that the producers of the annual Academy Awards’ often-botched In Memoriam piece could learn from the TCM Remembers production team.

A marriage “Change Up” for Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson

Attention all single Atlanta ladies: You may now adjust your drool guards. People's Sexiest Man Alive is back on the market.   Reps for married actors Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson confirm to ATL Intel that the couple has separated. The news came as a shock even to local film folks working on "The Change Up," Reynolds' new buddy comedy currently filming here with Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde.   Af

ATL on TV: Cee Lo and Spanx on SNL

This past Saturday, Atlanta native Cee Lo was the musical guest on the recent SNL. The Gwyneth Paltrow episode featured both a skit mocking the FCC's quibbles with the singer's expletive-laden lyrics and another taking a jab at NBC's new series The Cape, which made reference to a certain Atlanta-based manufacturer of body-shaping undergarments.   In the "F*** You" sketch, every character uses the word "forget" in lieu of the vituperative, and there's even

Conan returns to host The Tonight Show — on TCM

With a sly wink to one of television’s biggest blunders, late night TV host Conan O’Brien will return this summer to host The Tonight Show on Atlanta’s own Turner Classic Movies. Beginning July 1, the current TBS Conan host will expand his Turner Broadcasting resume with an additional gig at TCM, introducing and providing insight for Carson on TCM, a month-long look at classic Johnny Carson interviews from his long-running stint as Tonight Show host. The interviews, many of which aired just once on NBC, will span from Carson’s 1973 chat with Tony Curtis to the late-night host’s final interview with Elizabeth Taylor in 1992.

R.E.M.’s 30th birthday bash in Athens will get assist from Atlanta artists

If the excitement being generated on social media sites over the weekend is any indication, plenty of local music fans will be trekking up the Atlanta Highway on April 2. The Melting Point in Athens is throwing R.E.M. a 30th birthday bash featuring performances by Atlanta's own B-52's vocalist Cindy Wilson and sets by Casper and the Cookies and Supercluster featuring Pylon vocalis

The Curious Mouth of Mike Woodson

Say what you will about the grooming, player relationships and strategic idiosyncracies—okay, flat-out, self-admitted errors—of Atlanta Hawks' coach Mike Woodson. The man with the Just For M

Spotted! Evander Holyfield TKOs cukes at Spice Market

We're going to go ahead and theorize that like the rest of us, dieting makes former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield a scant bit cranky. Spies tell us the calorie-counting cruiserweight ordered the Market Salad this week during a visit to Spice Market inside the Midtown W hotel.

Real Housewives of Atlanta season two premiere party highlights

Twas simpler then, in the long ago days of yore (last fall) when I attended the first Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere party. The red carpet was well organized and spacious; after all, who knew it would be the hit that it was? The crowd was like Goldilocks’s t

In Tune: Whiskey Gentry

The Whiskey Gentry may have formed only a year ago, but with a sound that’s equal parts country, punk, and bluegrass, the local band’s concerts are packed with dedicated followers who are as likely to don cowboy boots as Dr. Martens. “There aren’t many [bands] in Atlanta where you can see someone

Mr. McFeely Delivers ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ memories at Center for Puppetry Arts

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" fixture Mr. McFeely was not especially speedy with his delivery Friday night at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Midtown.   But the audience gathered for veteran "Neighborhood" actor David Newell's guest lecture, "Mr. McFeely Remembers: A Tribute to Fred Rogers" clearly would have stayed all night to hear his fascinating yarns.   And yes, Newell was dressed in his iconic Speedy Delivery uniform as

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