Whiskey Blue, the Wine Loft, and the Bookhouse Pub

1. Whiskey Blue The Bookhouse Pub: Benjamin Rhoades Leather c

“Real Housewives” recap: Phaedra gives birth (“Oh, gross!”), The Love Doctor gets hated on

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Episode 308: "Is There a Doctor in the House?" recap   As our weekly exercise in brain oxygen deprivation opens, NeNe is brainstorming with the 11 Alive News staff. Like most budding TV journalists, NeNe is focused on the important stuff.   "Do I get an office?" she asks 11 Alive VP of News Ellen Crooke. When told as an ratings stunting independent contractor she'll only rate a

Spotted! Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd at “Wanderlust” wrap party

There's certain to be a plunge in Jennifer Aniston sightings now that "Wanderlust," the new comedy re-teaming Aniston with her "The Object of My Affection" co-star Paul Rudd has wrapped in town.   Both stars attended the film's wrap party this week at Ecco in Midtown. The soiree was hosted by their "Wanderlust" co-star Alan Alda.   The film is directed by David Wain who is best known for directing Rudd in

Behind the scenes at the first-ever live production of the “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV classic

Each holiday season, two distinct personalities emerge. There are those who plan ahead and there are those who engage in an arm wrestling competition for the last Whitman's Sampler at Walgreens at 6:45 on Christmas Eve.   Luckily for the city of Atlanta, Center for Puppetry Arts artistic director Jon Ludwig and resident puppet builder Jason von Hinezmeyer are early planners. Their gift to the city is the first-ever licensed stage production of the

“Real Housewives” recap: Kandi creates a “Closet Freak,” NeNe “throws shade”

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Episode 306 "Trashed Collection" recap As our weekly exercise in voluntary brain injury opens, Kandi is working on breaking an emerging recording artist who looks suspiciously like Sheree's gossiping hairstylist Lawrence.   Promoting him as "the out gay RuPaul of the next millennium," Kandi presents Lawrence with an original song she wrote for him: "I'm Not Your Closet Freak."

DJ Trauma

With weekly gigs at Tongue and Groove, Luckie Food Lounge, and Velvet Room, to name a few, it’s a wonder DJ Trauma ever sleeps. Hailing from New York, Trauma knows just what makes Atlanta’s club scene so hot.   Did you always want to be a DJ? Definitely not. I started deejay

Whiskey Park and more

1. Whiskey Park Whiskey Park: Dan Klores Communications

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