Becoming an author is a fantasy come true for Old New York Book Shop owner

After decades on the other side of the table, Cliff Graubart looked right at home at this week's Atlanta Press Club Holiday Author Party, signing copies of his debut short story collection, "The Curious Vision of Sammy Levitt and Other Stories," (Mercer University Press, $26). Since 1971, the owner of Atlanta's iconic Old New York Book Shop has thrown book release parties for his famous writer friends and shoppers, including Pat Conroy, Terry Kay and Anne Rivers Siddons. This fall, to mark Graubart's literary debut, Conroy and Kay returned the favor, co-hosting a Carter Center release party for "The Curious Vision of Sammy Levitt and Other Stories," a heart-warming, fascinating and funny novella and five short stories inspired by the New York native's boyhood growing up Jewish in 1950s Washington Heights.

ABC’s “The Bachelor” casting in Buckhead tomorrow

As an ardent and unabashed lover of trashy TV, I must admit that I've watched more than my fair share of ABC's many seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But even so--or maybe as a result--I have no idea why anyone would go on the meet-the-man/woman-of-your-dreams reality show unless she were looking for her fifteen minutes of pseudo-fame. But looking for love? Spare me. Anyway, if you're camera-ready and looking for that afore-mocked fame or "love," ABC

“Real Housewives” recap: Kim warbles at the White Party, Phaedra goes all Gary Coleman on us

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" recap: Episode 303, "White Hot"   As we return to The Land That Taste Forgot aka Bravo's carefully edited version of Atlanta, we discover several unsettling things.   For starters, "RHOA" pot stirrer/hanger on Dwight Eubanks now has a publicist. Cue the long-awaited showdown with Sheree over the gossip that he financed her She by Sheree fashion show to the tune of $30,000.

Celeb sighting! Chilli’s looking for love

From our intrepid man on the streets, Charles Bethea, a sighting of TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas filming her new VH1 show, The Chilli Project, which will chronicle her search for love: "This is the fourth time (over a period of five or six weeks) that Chilli has been to Cafe Intermezzo (the front room, with the dessert case) to film a regular scene in the show in which she hashes over recent dates with a girlfriend. (I heard

Bert Show Big Thank You effort mobilizes for overseas holiday duty

Q100's Bert Show namesake Bert Weiss' duties weren't over Wednesday morning after he peed on a pregnancy test during a presumably wacky bit about the early detection of testicular cancer. After Weiss, Jeff Dauler, Jenn Hobby and Kristin Klingshirn got off the air at 10 a.m., they headed up to the seventh floor of their Johnson Ferry Road workplace to help mail hundreds of thousands of thank you letters to U.S. troops stationed overseas in time for Thanksgiving. Each year, throughout October and November, the Bert Show stages The Big Thank You letter-writing campaign for troops.

Charlie Sheen invades Atlanta: Fox Theatre audience, trees, good taste terrorized

The first theatre-goers to flee the Fox Theatre during unemployed sitcom star Charlie Sheen's performance Thursday night lasted exactly eight minutes inside. With satellite dish-erect Atlanta news vans parked all along the sidewalks on Ponce de Leon Avenue, Intel Central set up a mobile command center directly across the street on the Livingston patio to cover the chaos.

The destruction of Atlanta hits The Walking Dead poster

The official poster of the Atlanta-shot AMC series The Walking Dead was released today, featuring the utter destruction of our lovely city.   But wait--don't they know our roads look like that all the time, zombie apocalypse or not?

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