What are you doing this weekend? May 15-18

By now know that in the spring, these blog posts are chock full of festivals. And this one is no exception. But if you’re suffering from festival fatigue, this pre-holiday weekend has a lot of quirky activities, from dogs on a catwalk, to a quest for the greatest laugh, to ballerinas causing a ruckus.

What are you doing this weekend? May 8-11

Brunch is overrated*. Everyone knows festivals are the way to go to celebrate mom’s big day, and Atlanta is offering up a whole slew this weekend:

The first Atlanta International Pop Festival

“There it was, man, pop culture in the middle of an unreal dust bowl with a wide asphalt rim.” Thus wrote the Atlanta Constitution’s Albert Scardino forty-two years ago about the first Atlanta International Pop Festival, which took place on the Fourth of July weekend in 1969.

What are you doing this weekend? July 17-20

This weekend is all about the art of the throwback. Relive the ’70s with the Doobie Brothers, get your grade school on at Field Day, remember the Civil War at the Atlanta History Center, and unleash your inner child at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Perfectly content with the present? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other stuff going on too.

What are you doing this weekend? December 6 – 8

Apparently ’tis the season of organized strolls—and runs. December’s arrival brings hot cocoa, festive light displays, and organized walks through other people’s homes. And given the crazy weather of the past week, it’s good to know that not all these events are outdoors.

Atlanta: The top “Winter Wonderland” in America?

Start spreading the news! Although Atlantans almost never get to experience the joys of building snowmen in meadows and all visions of making snow angels are dashed by the realities of Decembers marked by alternating frigid rain and balmy days in the 70s, a new ranking of "Top Ten Winter Wonderlands," trumpets Atlanta as number one.

What are you doing this weekend? February 6-9

Football season is finally over, the country is still trudging through six more weeks of winter, and you’ve still got a few days before you panic and realize it’s the night before Valentine’s Day and you still don’t have a reservation. (Go call it in now, trust us.) So what is there to do on this fairly nondescript February weekend? Plenty, in fact, especially if you’re a fan of the arts.

Cast members from Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, to appear at aTVfest

Starting Thursday, SCAD will kick off a celebration of all things television at their Atlanta campus with the 2nd annual aTVfest (not to be confused with an ATV fest—totally different thing).

What are you doing this weekend? March 20-23

Spring has officially sprung as of today, and what better way to celebrate than to get out and take advantage of what Atlanta has to offer, which this week includes a country legend, dancers of all types, an epic science fair.

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