What are you doing this weekend? February 20-23

It looks like General Beauregard Lee might have bested Punxsutawney Phil after all. With temps this week in the 60s and 70s, Atlanta appears to have been thrust into an early spring after a round of apocalyptic winter storms and contention with a Polar Vortex. But fickle weather can never be trusted for long—get out and enjoy these events before Mother Nature changes her mind—again.
Best Restaurants

Best Restaurants Party

Sample signature dishes from Atlanta-area restaurants that have been featured in our magazine and on our 50 Best Restaurants list.

What are you doing this weekend? January 23-26

No matter if your beverage of choice is craft beer or English tea or if you spend your time jamming to folksy guitars or percussion beats, there’s a little something for every taste on this last weekend of January.

What are you doing this weekend? May 29-June 1

If you are a food fanatic, you are going to be really happy this weekend. If you are a Walking Dead addict, you are also going to be really happy this weekend. But fear not, casual lovers of either indulgence—you can enjoy this weekend’s fests no matter your level of devotion.

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