Brad Pitt surprises fans at Atlantic Station

When the linebacker-sized gents in dark suits slid into position against the walls of the Atlantic Station Regal 16 Theatres just after noon Thursday, the packed house awaiting the start of the special fan screening of World War Z began to theorize that Q100’s Jeff Dauler might not be the biggest celebrity they'd see all day. A live microphone quietly exchanged hands, a nattily attired linebacker glided past another, whispering “we’re five minutes out” and a side door was propped open.

Aaron Paul’s Need for Speed and Antico Pizza

There’s a reason the 1968 Steve McQueen car chase classic Bullitt is flickering on the screen in the Need for Speed scenes shot at the Swan Drive-In in Blue Ridge last summer. The high-octane thrill ride in theaters today from first-time director and former stuntman Scott Waugh and starring Breaking Bad two-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul and rapper/actor Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi is a breath-snatching homage to McQueen’s 60s and 70s racing flicks.

Meet Millie DeChirico, Queen of the TCM Underground

Fans of TCM Underground, the Atlanta-based classic film network's weekly late-night Friday foray into cult film, can thank/blame iconic director Stanley Kubrick for jolting Millie DeChirico into her current job. For the past six years, the Georgia State film major graduate has hand-selected each film broadcast on TCM Underground. Her life-long interest in cult classics can be traced to an accidental early exposure to one of Kubrick's most disturbing films.

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