More kids are now “severely obese”

More kids in the U.S. are "severely obese" and Georgia has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the country.

Training with an Olympic bobsledder

The basic idea was for me to do an off-season bobsled training routine with Elana Meyers. I had no idea what this would entail, and was given no hints, but showed up ready for just about anything.

Atlanta is the 40th most active city

Feeling cocky because you ran the Peachtree yesterday? Hosting America's largest 10k might have something to do with the fact that we're in the top half of America's best places for exercise.

10 reasons I love the Peachtree

Every year I run the Peachtree, I’m filled with all sorts of warm and fuzzies about Atlanta and being an Atlantan—which, if you’ve ever attended a pro sports game when we’re playing Boston or Chicago or New York, you know can be a complicated emotion to pinpoint. Here are ten reasons the city’s greatest athletic tradition is one in which we can all partake:

Love-31: Picking tennis back up at Piedmont Park

It turns out that playing tennis is not at all like riding a bicycle: there is a painfully steep re-learning curve.

Atlanta Derby Brats: Heck on Wheels

The little girl in roller skates and polka-dotted knee socks looks like a newborn giraffe, stumbling, wobbling, never really finding her footing as she tries to scoot around the track.

Five Minutes with Dolvett Quince

Dolvett Quince hasn’t exactly been toiling in obscurity; he’s trained stars like Boris Kodjoe and Justin Bieber. But now the longtime Atlanta trainer is helping America get fit, as the newest cast member on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Want to join the Atlanta tennis scene? A quick primer

For proof that tennis is a game of “love,” look no further than Kathy Berthelette, who met her husband, Dan Bradley, when she picked up the game in 1986. Their first date was buying her a decent racket. Now Berthelette is president of the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association, the self-proclaimed “largest local tennis league in the country.”

My mind is racing

The basic idea—an old one, admittedly—is that you can take in a great deal of a city while running, especially those places where cars are not able to effectively travel. The novel twist is that you can do this with the help of an athletic tour guide, replacing a complicated tourist map with a pair of running shoes. This way, your mind and body both go for a jog.

12 adult sports leagues in Atlanta

Why let kids have all the fun? Here are some adults-only recreational leagues. Most offer a range of divisions from low-pressure to ultracompetitive, so you can find a team whether you’re fresh off a college roster or just off the sofa.

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