OMG! Cycling, Atlanta style!

This is an indoor-cycling class unlike any I’ve ever attended, avoided, observed, or taught.

Hiking with Cujo

So it was with some trepidation, and doubt about my dog's aerobic fitness, that I brought Miles with me to the woods this past weekend to climb 4,696-foot Rabun Bald.

Top 10 things you’re doing wrong in the gym

There are plenty of annoying gym-goers who get my eyes rolling. Gail P. Jones is a bit more enlightened than I am. The Decatur-based certified trainer ignores the annoyances and saves her side-eye for the ones who are just doing things wrong. She shares her Top 10 List of Things People Do Wrong at the Gym:

Running Trail Spotlight: Rockdale River Trail

If you want to get technical, southeastern DeKalb’s Arabia Mountain Trail system—fifteen-plus paved miles winding through two nature preserves between Lithonia and Stockbridge—changes names at the county line. The Rockdale River Trail continues along the South River for five miles and, by next summer, will reach Conyers’ Monastery of the Holy Spirit—where, if you want to get spiritual, you can pray with Trappist monks and buy a bonsai tree.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

Some people say you should tape a picture of Marisa Miller or Cameron Diaz on your fridge if you want some visual motivation to stay fit and forgo the bon-bons. But I got the hint in person, in the form of two women in hot pants, fishnets and fur legwarmers, go-go dancing to A-Ha at Club Chaos.

Free fitness class on the BeltLine

Now there's a new way to move along the BeltLine: later this month, you'll be able to lunge, squat, sit-up, push-up, kettle bell, and burpee your way along the path, too, guided by the instructors at FitWit.

Seeing orange at a new gym

Wrapped around my torso using a strap that presses directly against the skin, the monitor was slightly uncomfortable. But it made me feel like the subject of an experiment. That was kind of cool. And kind of true: the experiment was my own, though.

How do you like your head harness?

It looked a bit like a Rube Goldberg machine at first: straps and chains and Velcro wound together complicatedly. But soon I grasped the basics of it: you wrapped a few straps around your head then attached a dumbbell weight to a chain dangling unattractively from your forehead strap. At that point, you look like you're on your way to (or from) a medieval torture chamber. But, rest assured, you're ready to give genetics some push-back.

Exercising in traffic

I tossed a five-foot resistance band into the Civic, knowing I'd hit some traffic later that afternoon, while heading across town. Sure enough, I was at a standstill on Georgia 400 around 4pm. But unlike most people standing still in late September, I was sweating.

Rum runner

A few weeks ago, I promised that I would, quite unscientifically, test out the effects of certain alcohols on my modest (when sober) running ability. I'm here now to transcribe the results, written in a sauced scrawl in a small notebook kept here beside my running shoes, which I now keep near my liquor "cabinet."

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