Top 10 things you’re doing wrong in the gym

There are plenty of annoying gym-goers who get my eyes rolling. Gail P. Jones is a bit more enlightened than I am. The Decatur-based certified trainer ignores the annoyances and saves her side-eye for the ones who are just doing things wrong. She shares her Top 10 List of Things People Do Wrong at the Gym:

Running the Publix Half-Marathon

“Don’t poop your pants.”This certainly is sage advice, though I’ll admit I was surprised to see it imparted on a handwritten sign, held up by a spectator, at the Publix Half-Marathon this past Sunday.

Seeing orange at a new gym

Wrapped around my torso using a strap that presses directly against the skin, the monitor was slightly uncomfortable. But it made me feel like the subject of an experiment. That was kind of cool. And kind of true: the experiment was my own, though.

Laughter Yoga

Sixty-three-year-old Jean Woodall tried tree-climbing, karate, and trapeze before she discovered laughter yoga and found a thrill that beat them all. She leads a once-a-month class called Laughter for Everyone out of a Unitarian church near Emory, and it's totally free.

The Ministry of long walks

Ten years ago this month, I set out on a two thousand mile walk. Battling North Georgia snow, North Carolina rain, New Jersey bears, Maine black flies, and a generous helping of adolescent angst, I slogged my way from Georgia to Maine on a "break" from college along the Appalachian Trail.

Olympic moves at school

Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton, who holds the world record in the decathlon and heptathlon, is in Atlanta this week to compete in a track and field event and to meet with school kids to introduce a free classroom program that offers five-minute brain breaks throughout the day.

Om My Goodness: Spotlight on Dahlonega Spa Resort

I feel indulgent. Ice-cream-for-breakfast indulgent. Make that ice-cream-and-Champagne-for-breakfast indulgent.

Witzlib VS. BLAST900

Take a look at how Buckhead fitness newcomer Witzlib measures up against its neighbor and rising heavyweight BLAST900.

Local trainer kicks off online fitness plan

Local personal trainer Rahman "Ray" Grayson kicked off his eighth online month-long free fitness challenge last week, offering 73,000 people all over the world daily workouts, nutritional advice, and motivational emails to keep them on a healthy path. Some of the rules: no fried food, no fast food, and no alcohol.

Training with an Olympic bobsledder

The basic idea was for me to do an off-season bobsled training routine with Meyers. I had no idea what this would entail, and was given no hints, but showed up ready for just about anything.

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