My weeklong Arden’s Garden juice cleanse

I caught myself eating a quarter of a cake one Tuesday, and I began to question my life decisions. Is it really a good idea to eat a dozen doughnuts on National Doughnut Day? Might it be time to stop devouring a pint of Talenti gelato every night, no matter how crack-ably good their sea-salted caramel may taste?

12 adult sports leagues in Atlanta

Why let kids have all the fun? Here are some adults-only recreational leagues. Most offer a range of divisions from low-pressure to ultracompetitive, so you can find a team whether you’re fresh off a college roster or just off the sofa.

Test driving 6 Atlanta nutritionists and personal trainers

Our writer checks out three nutritionists to discover why he can't put on weight, while another writer seeks personal trainers to help her figure out why she can't do sit-ups.

New study: Coffee can kill you

You may want to put down that fourth cup of coffee. A new study finds that heavy coffee drinking is linked with a higher risk of death in men and women younger than 55.

Flotation tanks in Atlanta

The low-lit, low-ceilinged, flowing, funky basement space in Little Five Points already has exactly the sort of ethereal vibe I'd expected of a place in which I'd shortly take off my clothes and float in the dark.

Top hospitals in Georgia

Of the eight top hospitals in Atlanta according to U.S. News & World Report, two of them have nationally ranked specialties. Emory University Hospital and Shepherd Center, the top ranked local hospitals on the list, have national areas of expertise.

Next stop: Hydration station

The IV in my right arm pumped in liters of needed fluid, along with some Toradol anti-inflammatory medication, while a nasal cannula provided a steady stream of cool oxygen. This was a Sunday morning, after a nine-mile run from Decatur to Buckhead left me particularly tomato-faced, parched and pouring with sweat.Though I’ve found myself in a similar predicament before, this time I wasn’t sick and sitting in urgent care.I had elected to visit Hydration Station, a new business in Buckhead that offers intravenous fluids to the over-exerted, the stomach-bugged and the hungover.

Preaching the gospel of Muscle Activation Techniques

The man was in a wheelchair, his shoulders hunched and his wrists twisted from a muscular disability, as Jason Colleran worked on him, pressing his fingers onto the man’s muscle attachment tissues in the hopes of elongating them and helping the muscles to contract.

Sex is quick in Georgia

You want long, romantic sexual encounters? Move to New Mexico. Or West Virginia or Idaho. Georgians don't spend a lot of time doing the deed.

Doctor shortage in Georgia

A shortage of doctors continues in the state, limiting access to care throughout Georgia, especially in rural areas.

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