Doctor shortage in Georgia

A shortage of doctors continues in the state, limiting access to care throughout Georgia, especially in rural areas.

Free BMI screenings in Atlanta

Regretting all that eggnog and all those holiday cookies? Before you join the gym or invest in a salad spinner, the city of Atlanta is offering free BMI testing to see what kind of shape you're really in.

Saddest and happiest NFL fans

If you're a Falcons fan, you're probably in an OK mood this morning. There was no big win or big loss yesterday to make you exceptionally happy or sad. Two Emory business professors studied the happiness and sadness quotient of NFL fans after a win or loss. Much of their research involved analyzing Twitter after a game to see how fans reacted.

Resolution: Exercise and lose weight!

Have you hit the gym yet? It's three days into the New Year. What are you waiting for? Exercising more and losing weight are two of the top three New Year's resolutions according to a Harris Poll and you can certainly tell if you work out at a local fitness center. You may have to stand in line for the elliptical or get ticked when the newbies don't wipe off the machines when they're finished.

E-cigarettes banned in NYC

Lawmakers in New York voted to expand the city's indoor smoking ban to include e-cigarettes. So now people can't use them in restaurant, bars, and workplaces. Michael Eriksen, dean of Georgia State University's School of Public Health, is all for it.

How do you like your head harness?

It looked a bit like a Rube Goldberg machine at first: straps and chains and Velcro wound together complicatedly. But soon I grasped the basics of it: you wrapped a few straps around your head then attached a dumbbell weight to a chain dangling unattractively from your forehead strap. At that point, you look like you're on your way to (or from) a medieval torture chamber. But, rest assured, you're ready to give genetics some push-back.

Georgia drivers aren’t the worst

Well, at least we didn't make the top ten. According to, Georgia drivers are only the fourteenth worst in the country. The worst drivers are nearby in Louisiana.

Georgia College fights drinking on campus

Drinking seems to be part of the college experience. College administrators try to change that in many ways. At Georgia College in Milledgeville, they use a grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety to bring awareness to issues such as impaired driving, underage drinking, and speeding. It's the 10th consecutive year the school has received the grant.

Finding your inner chef

I stare at the partially-mashed glob of sweet potatoes, immersed in a bowl of water. It looks like Jabba the Hutt is taking a bath. This can’t be right. I consult the recipe card from Garnish & Gather, a new Atlanta business that provides cook-at-home kits with local, organic foods and pre-measured ingredients for simple recipes from notable chefs like Seth Freedman and Julia LeRoy.

Rain making you depressed?

We're not sure your boss would count it as a valid sick-day excuse, but the rainy day blues aren't all in your head. Here in metro Atlanta we haven't been dealing with snow and ice like so much of the country. But the non-stop rain dreariness is taking a toll, too.

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