Fox Theatre Institute

Forty years after activists rallied to save the Fox Theatre from demolition, the Fox Theatre Institute is sharing the love with money and restoration support for other historic venues across Georgia.
Chief Bicycle Officer

Chief Bicycle Officer

Atlanta’s new Chief Bicycle Officer will be a full-time planner, engineer, and advocate for the city’s pedal-friendly goals, which include plans to double the length of protected bike lanes (from 30 to 60 miles).

Architect Christopher Leerssen

Abode, a homebuilding company led by architect Christopher Leerssen, is changing the look of Reynoldstown with homes that are boldly modern yet don’t clash with older housing stock.
Emory University's WaterHub

Emory University’s WaterHub

Emory University’s WaterHub diverts wastewater from the sewage system and cleans it as it flows through “ecochambers.”
Epsten Group

Epsten Group

New ecofriendly buildings are great, but as Ross Wallace, a designer at the Old Fourth Ward’s sustainable design firm Epsten Group, points out, “What’s more sustainable than using an existing building?”

Park Center at Central Perimeter

The old model for suburban Atlanta office space: sprawling campuses with mid-rise buildings, decorative mini parks (fountains and duck ponds, few sidewalks), and lots and lots of parking spots.
Cities of Purpose and Atlanta Regional Commission


Plenty of city planners obsess over millennials, but how many actively solicit their feedback?

EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation

Launched by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and Southface, EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation gives historic buildings an upgrade in energy efficiency, enhancing both character and sustainability.

Perkins + Will

Perkins + Will—a global architecture firm with hundreds of local employees—focuses on sustainable building.

Sally Flocks and PEDS

Sally Flocks and PEDS (Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety) were talking about walkability before it was cool.

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