Favorite Atlanta-area CSAs?

Hey gang — I’m working on a feature spotlighting farms that participate in CSA (community supported agriculture), the programs where folks buy into farmers’ harvests and receive a weekly assortment of seasonal goodies. Georgia Organics is a great resource for learning about the four-dozen or so CSA available state-wide, but I’m curious about your specific experiences. If you have a recommendation, leave a comment or email me at BAddison@altantamag.emmis.com. Thanks!

Kerala cooking 101

I’m in major infatuation mode with regional Indian cuisine right now. Chicken tikka masala? Don’t even think about it. It’s the Indian cuisine equivalent of Kraft mac-n-cheese.

Feast on local strawberries at Morningside Farmers Market

Strawberry season is currently upon us here in Georgia, so Slow Food Atlanta and its student chapter at Le Cordon Bleu-Atlanta are hosting a strawberry celebration at the Morningside Farmers Market this Saturday. There will be plenty of opportunities to sample the super-sweet local strawberries that put those overpriced packages of Driscoll’s to shame. Slow Food volunteers will be serving up strawberry shortcakes made with local berries and local cream from Sparkman’s Dairy. The shortcakes cost $5 for what I’m told is a generous portion, and proceeds go to the Morningside Market and these local chapters of the international Slow Food organization. (Full disclosure: I’m a student at LCB-Atlanta, but not involved with planning this event).

Mother’s Day gifts for food-lovers

Slacking on your Mother’s Day shopping this year? Whether she’s a talented cook or just a chocoholic, here are five last-minute gift ideas to impress a foodie Mom this Sunday.

Local food in Atlanta? We’ve barely broken ground

By design of their jobs, food writers are constantly trolling for new trends. And in the last few years, Atlanta has caught the “local food” and “farm-to-table” fever raging on both coasts, and the efforts of local chefs and farmer’s markets have been covered amply. It could become easy to start rolling eyes at the now-ubiquitous catch phrases.

Let’s talk meat-and-threes

Disappointing restaurant food always dampens one’s mood, but a lousy piece of fried chicken or canned-tasting vegetables when you needed the sustaining warmth of Southern cooking? That can really trouble a soul.

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