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Greg Shrader, cofounder of online start-up, is outside a Decatur coffee shop listening to his favorite Atlanta band, The Constellations, on his iPhone. He has never downloaded the tune onto his phone, and it’s not taking up any space there—his copy of the song is miles away on his personal computer. But as long as’s Connector software is

15 years later, Uncle Green preps for Rycopa album release party at Smith’s Olde Bar

As summer 2011 drew to a close, the far-flung members of the long-disbanded Atlanta rock quartet Uncle Green quietly reunited here to at long last mix their final recording, "Rycopa." For 14 years, the master tapes of the 32-track, two-disc opus had rested on a Sony Music warehouse shelf, gathering dust as the record industry morphed from dust to digital, CDs to MP3s, YouTube became the nation's premier A&R guru and Kickstarter-fueled DIY recordings became common place for indie bands.

Thanks to girl power, Doria Roberts advances to Grammys gig finals

With countless mouse clicks from fans across the country, Atlanta singer-singwriter Doria Roberts has advanced to the finals of The Grammys Gig of a Lifetime competition. After emerging as the winner last week of the South Atlantic competition for the prestigious appearance, the East Atlanta biscuit baker is now up against six other bands and remains the only woman in the competition. With just 24 hours left to rack up votes from fans, Roberts will require all the girl power she can conjure up from her loyal fan base today.

Britney Spears crashes, burns on “GMA,” announces tour stop at Philips Arena

Hey, Britney Spears, you just poorly lip synced your way through an Auto-tuned audio nightmare on "Good Morning America" while wearing size 16 fishnets and being schooled by your back-up dancers. What's next?

Local Biz: Come Sail Away

About half of Grant Park–based Sixthman’s twenty-eight employees have just returned from a cruise to Grand Cayman with Kid Rock and 2,000 of his screaming, adoring, tattooed, and bikinied fans. But CEO Andy Levine and his staff weren’t sunning on the lido deck or sipping mai tais. They were hustling to run concerts and contests, organizing meet and greets and autograph sessions with the bands on the cruise’s lineup. They paused for a beer only after their midnight staff m

Q&A: Get on Up’s Chadwick Boseman, Tate Taylor on James Brown

Last summer, before an inch of film was ever shot on the set in Mississippi, the actor who played Jackie Robinson in 42 met up with the director of The Help in Atlanta, they rented a car and road tripped it together to Augusta. Getting the most minute details of James Brown’s life right was a top priority for Get on Up director Tate Taylor and actor Chadwick Boseman, who plays The Godfather of Soul in the new biopic opening in theaters today. With the tsunami of lawsuits and arguments that swirled after the soul pioneer’s 2006 Christmas Day death in Atlanta, it probably didn’t hurt to have the support of the Brown estate either.

‘Zorro’ makes its U.S. premiere at the Alliance

As a young British chap touring Spain with his mum some years ago, Renshaw became enchanted with flamenco and bullfighting. So when he was approached about staging the tale of rapier-wielding, masked lothario Zorro, he had one caveat: “Yes. As long as it’s flamenco.”

Tweets of the Day: September 21, 2012—Music Midtown Edition

How people are celebrating this year's two-day music festival:

Dean Roland finds a new way to shine

Atlanta’s music community is so vast an industry veteran can get lost in the mix. That’s not exactly what happened to Dean Roland, rhythm guitarist for the multiplatinum Stockbridge, Georgia band Collective Soul (and baby brother to its lead singer, Ed). But when Dean’s side project–the Britrock-influenced Magnets and Ghosts, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Ryan Potesta–released its debut album, Mass, in 2011, few trumpets sounded up and down Peachtree.

Video of the Day: Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

Plot details are hazy, to put it mildly, in the trailer for Jimi: All Is by My Side, the Hendrix biopic starring Andre Benjamin of Outkast, aka Andre 3000. But here's what you can glean: Set in groovilicious 1966 London, the movie focuses on the early days of Hendrix's career, which evidently included a romantic entanglement with a young British woman, played by Imogen Poots. (That is the most British name ever; it sounds like a tertiary Harry Potter character, one of the Hufflepuff quidditch players, maybe.)

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