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Atlanta: The top “Winter Wonderland” in America?

Start spreading the news! Although Atlantans almost never get to experience the joys of building snowmen in meadows and all visions of making snow angels are dashed by the realities of Decembers marked by alternating frigid rain and balmy days in the 70s, a new ranking of "Top Ten Winter Wonderlands," trumpets Atlanta as number one.

The Orly Crash Forced Atlanta’s Art Scene to Grow Up Fast

Like the alkaline dust that coated lower Manhattan for months after the Twin Towers crumbled, the 1962 disaster at Orly Field near Paris hung in Atlanta’s atmosphere for years afterward. On June 3 of that year, a Boeing 707 carrying 106Atlantans—some of the city’s most passionate arts patrons, returning from an art tour of Europe—crashed on takeoff, killing everyone aboard except for two flight attendants. Gone were Atlanta’s cultural elite—its artists, collectors, and those who sustained the still-embryonic High Museum and its school, the Atlanta Art Institute.
Atlanta Indie Bookshop Crawl invites literature lovers to shop local this week

Atlanta Indie Bookshop Crawl invites literature lovers to shop local this week

Drawing inspiration from similar crawls in other cities, Bunnie Hilliard, owner of Brave + Kind Bookshop in Decatur, and her events coordinator, Vania Stoyanova, are encouraging readers of all kinds to get out and support the local bookstores around the metro.

How I walked the Atlanta Streetcar route and became a convert—well, basically.

Last weekend, my husband and I walked the 2.6-mile Atlanta Streetcar route. I’ll admit I embarked on this jaunt as a skeptic. Our hike down Edgewood Avenue (right) might not have delivered a full-on Road-to-Damascus epiphany, but it certainly left me ready to do a little evangelizing on behalf of the project.

My kids’ suburban Atlanta childhood is light-years away from mine

My childhood at age seven was nothing like my daughter’s now. My world was defined by fire and brimstone belching from the pulpit at Spring River Assembly of God. I didn’t know a Black person, and I sure as hell didn’t know what a lesbian was—much less consider a happy couple as part of my family.
Masquerade Wrecking Ball

The Masquerade hosts its final Old Fourth Ward encore

How do you celebrate the beginning of the end of the Masquerade? An alternative music festival in the dog days of summer is a good way to start.
Hawks Uno

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Deportation raids, 19th-century black bartenders, and the Hawks’s heated Uno games

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

High Museum showcases Wifredo Lam’s surreal world with 40 paintings

To merely describe Wifredo Lam as an important 20th-century surrealist would do him a disservice. The Cuban painter’s hybrid vision was far broader, encompassing magical realism, modernism, and postmodernism—making him influential in not just the art world but also literary and political groups.
Atlanta coronavirus updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Tuesday, June 2

On Monday, the state department of education released new suggested guidelines for how K-12 schools can operate in the fall. Here’s your Tuesday morning update.

Regina King shares secrets from Southland, The Boondocks

When season five of the critically acclaimed TNT drama "Southland" premieres tonight at 10, LAPD detective Lydia Adams is trying to balance being a new mother and solving the rape of a Latino male who is too humiliated to help the cops assigned to his case. And whether she's scaling a fire escape chasing a suspect or attempting to feign cool detachment when her male partner points out she's lactating on the job, actress Regina King brings a world weary humanity to Adams beneath the brusqueness and wisecracks.

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