Guest Commentary: Cathy Woolard on why T-SPLOST will get Atlanta back on its feet

"Over the last fifty years, metropolitan Atlanta overlooked neglected but valuable urban land in search of easy development in surrounding forests and farmland. More recently, the negative effects of urban sprawl have led to new development in in town Atlanta. But without providing an adequate public transportation system for our growing in population, congestion and pollution will diminish our cherished quality of life.

Commentary: Tuition hikes and HOPE on the rocks. No wonder parents are stressing.

First, the somewhat good news. On Tuesday, the Georgia university system's board of regents announced 2012-2013 tuition rates for Georgia colleges and universities, trumpeting that the increase would be the lowest in a decade.
The magic of minor league baseball Atlanta Braves Gwinnett Stripers

Minor Braves to Major miracles: The magic of following Minor League Baseball

This current crop of Atlanta Braves is very special to my family because we’ve enjoyed them long before they were famous, long before most diehard baseball fans had even heard of them. Ozzie Albies, Austin Riley, Adam Duvall, Freddie Freeman, Max Fried, Charlie Morton—before they were household names, they were Gwinnett Braves or Stripers.
It’s time to stop criminalizing HIV

It’s time to stop criminalizing HIV

Georgia law hasn’t caught up to science. For people living here with HIV, consensual sex can still lead to felony charges. An Atlanta writer shares his concerns and why it's time for change.

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