Electric Car

Electric car credit not the only victim in the haphazard world of Georgia tax breaks

If it sounds as if state leaders changed their minds about the benefits of a greener emissions policy, then you’re overthinking the erratic and often illogical world of Georgia tax breaks, where incentives are created, extended, and killed in seemingly arbitrary fashion.

Sine Die 1964: Ending the legislative session? One representative said “not on my watch.”

On Sine Die in 1964, heated debates raged over plans to give metro Atlanta two of Georgia’s 10 congressional seats. Democratic representative Denmark Groover tried to halt the formal end of the 40-day legislative session by ripping a clock from a wall, causing it to fall to the ground below.

SCADpads transform parking spaces into micro houses

Right now, SCAD Atlanta students and faculty are sleeping in the parking lot of the Atlanta campus’s main building. No, it’s not a dorm crisis or a protest, but an experiment in small living spaces.

Global Artists

>> GALLERY: More pieces by this cohort of global artists

Honduras-born teen helps develop Georgia’s coffee industry

Like any farmer, Kevin Candelario Arita keeps an anxious eye on the weather. “In Georgia, it’s just so weird and unpredictable,” he says, fingering the waxy leaf of a coffee plant.
Black cycling clubs are cranking Atlanta’s two-wheeled revolution

Black cycling clubs are cranking Atlanta’s two-wheeled revolution

Like all cyclists in Atlanta, Black folks who ride bicycles are accustomed to irate car horns and hurled expletives. But it’s also not uncommon for them to receive a surprisingly warm reception—an encouraging gratitude that even the United States’ first cycling world champion, a Black man named Marshall “Major” Taylor, was denied during the height of his career at the turn of the 20th century.

A drone’s eye view of the Harvest Balloon Festival

The clear autumn sky above the Sterling on the Lake subdivision in Hall County provides a perfect backdrop for the community’s annual Harvest Balloon Festival. During the weekend-long event, attendees can spend a few minutes in a balloon tethered about 40 feet above the neighborhood green, or soar as high as 3,000 feet in a ride designed to showcase North Georgia’s fall colors.

Research news: A sod shortage, soil DNA, and direction-giving chimps

We don’t want to alarm y’all, but evidently there will be a Georgia sod shortage this year.
The Fall Line

The Fall Line: Two podcasting sleuths revisit the cases of abducted Grady newborns

The Fall Line is investigating the cases of seven Grady newborns who went missing decades ago—two of whom were never found. Inspired other true-crime dramas like Serial, Laurah Norton, a writer and Georgia State University senior lecturer, and Brooke Gently-Hargrove, a grief counselor, launched the true-crime serial podcast last year, which has since racked up 2.3 million listens.

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