Allison Wilkerson

Meet the Other Mayors: Allison Wilkerson, Grayson

Allison Wilkerson is the first female mayor in the 114-year history of Grayson, a southeastern Gwinnett city of 2,700.

Dream weavers: Antique looms change lives at a Decatur nonprofit

By his mid-teens, Fred Brown had fallen into a cycle of crime, jail, release, repeat. He credits his young son with finally breaking the pattern. But he praises—of all things—a wooden antique loom as the key to keeping him on track.
Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Metro Atlanta’s shrine to Shiva

On the outskirts of Riverdale comes the unexpected: a pair of white temples—the one pictured is devoted to Shiva, one of Hinduism’s three main deities—with 72-foot-tall towers.
Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Pree Bright’s MOCA exhibit honors civil rights leaders and contemporary activists

Stone Mountain–based artist Sheila Pree Bright has spent 2015 traveling America, from Ferguson to Baltimore, capturing the protests and youth leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Still, she doesn’t consider herself an activist but a cultural observer.

#ATLast, Outkast comes home to play Centennial Olympic Park

After playing festival gigs seemingly everywhere but their hometown, the original ATLiens announced a single Atlanta concert, which sold out in minutes and rapidly evolved into a three-day event as two more shows were added.

Howlers and Scalpers

Q: I’ve heard about coyote sightings in the burbs, but now my intown newsletter is warning about them. What’s up? The common coyote is in every Georgia county, but particularly Fulton and Gwinnett (for reasons as yet unstudied) and along the Chattahoochee corridor. As Looney Tunes taught us, they’re

Meet Jack Brantley, Atlanta’s longest-practicing accordion repairman

What do you hear when you drop an accordion from a 10-story building? “Applause,” quips Jack Brantley, one of the few artisans in the Southeast qualified to patch the long-suffering instrument back together and restore it to tunefulness.
Curtis Lovejoy

For Paralympian Curtis Lovejoy, ’86 car accident was “one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

Curtis Lovejoy is one of the most accomplished Paralympians in U.S. history. He’s visited with Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth, who, he says, offered him a job after they met at the closing ceremony of the 1995 World Championships.

Q&A: Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey’s ‘Native Guard’ premieres at Alliance Theatre

In September, the Alliance Theatre premieres a play based on Native Guard, the Pulitzer Prize–winning work by Natasha Trethewey that pairs her experience as the child of a then-illegal interracial marriage in Mississippi with the account of a black Civil War soldier.

Our 14 top longreads of 2014

Our most popular longreads of the year included the bizarre tale of a fugitive banker, a heartbreaking account of a ballpark accident, and a little known slice of Civil War history.

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