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Caroline Aiken

Caroline Aiken confronts personal tragedy in her latest album

She stopped by Eddie's Attic to support her new album, Broken Wings Heal, which Aiken wrote after her daughter was sent to prison for robbing a Grant Park cafe to fuel her heroin addiction in 2007.
Though not featured in any Walking Dead episodes, this mill can be seen in season 4’s opening credits and is part of Atlanta Movie Tours' Walking Dead tour

Field Notes: Atlanta Movie Tours’ Walking Dead tour brings Georgia’s southern hospitality to fans

Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t refute that The Walking Dead has become synonymous with Georgia. It’s undeniable—from the ubiquitous apocalyptic Atlanta skyline via Jackson Street to Senoia’s permanent association as the sickly-sweet town of Woodbury, the landscape has forever become associated with the undead. With all that pop culture fueling fans more rabid than a horde of walkers, Atlanta Movie Tours has capitalized on the filming locales in metro Atlanta and the surrounding countryside by offering two zombie filming tours.
Che Butter Jonez

A visit to Che Butter Jonez, one of Southwest Atlanta’s happiest little restaurants

There are few restaurants in Atlanta like Che Butter Jonez, where Malik Rhasaan interprets some of the dishes he grew up eating in Queens—a flagship lamb burger, chicken pitas and bodega-style breakfast sandwiches, a pastrami-topped patty melt called the Patti LaBelle—while Detric Fox-Quinlan works the counter.

Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor

As the world slept overnight, Atlanta director and studio mogul Tyler Perry placed his fingers on the home row keys to address one of the greatest maladies currently plaguing the Earth: Kim Kardashian. In an email to fans, Perry has at last responded to the outrage over his casting of the 72-day bride/E! reality show fame whore who is currently divorcing NBA forward Kris Humphries after an exhausting 10-week marriage. All month Perry's fans have taken to his Facebook and Twitter accounts to express their displeasure after he announced the casting of the rich white lady who assists the global economy by purchasing $10,000 designer shoes on camera in his new ironically titled comedy "The Marriage Counselor."
Atlanta United

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: March 7-13

The Harlem Globetrotters play Philips Arena, Atlanta United has its home opener at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and Kaki King uses a guitar as an instrument and a video board.
Ask Atlanta: Will we ever get high-speed rail?

Ask Atlanta: Will the city ever get high-speed rail?

In 1992, the Federal Railroad Administration first pitched the idea of five high-speed rail corridors around the country, including an initial Southeast route from Washington, D.C., to North Carolina; later in the decade, the FRA added Atlanta and Savannah to its plans. So: On its 30th anniversary, how are plans progressing? Slowly.
Migos member Takeoff dies at 28

Funeral for Migos rapper Takeoff will be held at State Farm Arena and open to Georgia residents

Takeoff, the Grammy-nominated rapper who made up one-third of Atlanta superstar group Migos, was killed early Tuesday morning at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. A celebration of life will be held at State Farm Arena at noon on November 11 at State Farm Arena.

Chick-fil-A VS. Krystal

After opening its first spot in downtown Chattanooga eight decades ago, Krystal moves its corporate HQ to Atlanta this month.

Of lynchings, high tech and others

We are familiar with the outlines of the story by now: a black man who, after being born to poverty in Georgia, ascends to political prominence by dint of his talent and work ethic. His biography becomes a first-person testament to the virtues of self-reliance, faith, and the still vast possibilities of this nation. His ascent troubles liberals and many African Americans but among conservatives his future is virtually limitless. That is, until charges of sexual harassment arise and he is forced into the quagmires of race and gender which had been so studiously avoided up to that point.

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