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Tweets of the Day: July 31, 2012—TSPLOST Edition

Today, Georgians took to the polls to vote on a transportation tax referendum. It's a contentious issue. So contentious that it was a trending topic for the metro area this morning. Here's what the electorate (and beyond) had to say:

New John Lewis mural

There's a big new mural of Rep. John Lewis on Auburn Avenue at Jesse Hill Jr. Drive. He has a campaign office on the same block.

U.S. swimmers release Call Me Maybe video—spearheaded by one of our own

No matter what happens when she swims the 200 butterfly next week, Atlanta's own Kathleen Hersey has already made us proud. She's credited as director of the USA Olympic Swimming Team's official rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

Guest Commentary: Cathy Woolard on why T-SPLOST will get Atlanta back on its feet

"Over the last fifty years, metropolitan Atlanta overlooked neglected but valuable urban land in search of easy development in surrounding forests and farmland. More recently, the negative effects of urban sprawl have led to new development in in town Atlanta. But without providing an adequate public transportation system for our growing in population, congestion and pollution will diminish our cherished quality of life.

Why I’ll miss Monica

When Monica Pearson ends her residency in our living rooms as WSB-TV Action News anchor tonight at 6, she also retires with honors as one of the most grossly underpaid high school guidance counselors in history. Mine.

Can I have less democracy, please?

When I go to my local DeKalb County polling place one week from today (July 31 - mark your calendars, please), I will find two categories of votes to cast:

Come one, come all to Atlanta magazine’s T-SPLOST tweetup

On July 31, the ten-county Atlanta region will vote together for the first time on a penny sales tax for transportation improvements. If approved, the tax will raise $8.5 billion over ten years to fund a very specific list of road and transit projects.

The gun lobby and Tony the Peachtree Center pizza guy

When I worked at Peachtree Center more than a decade ago, there was a very nice Italian man named Tony who ran a pizza shop in the food court. He had a running joke with me, my co-workers and other people we knew nearby. When we talked to him about tasks we had to accomplish, problems we were having, etc., he would often pause dramatically and burst out with "Eat more pizza." To the guy selling pizza, the solution to all of life's problems was obviously for you to buy more pizza. From him.

Tweets of the Day: July 18, 2012—Chick-fil-A Edition

Atlantans (and those with ties to Atlanta) take to Twitter to respond to Dan Cathy's recent statements against gay marriage:

With a new daytime talk show debuting Sept 10, Katie Couric hits Atlanta to discuss her future, putting her personal life on TV and why she’s on Pinterest

In advance of Katie Couric’s new ABC/Disney syndicated talk show “Katie” set to debut September 10 at 3 p.m., one of the most recognized media personalities on the planet has opted to go hat-in-hand, market-by-market to introduce viewers and the press to her new live topical show.

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