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Dog Gone

Why aren’t dogs allowed at the Dogwood Festival? There’s a disc dog competition, for Pete’s sake! Last April, Mary Leigh Evitt headed to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park with her border collie puppy, Olivia. After walking a mile from Evitt’s car

Fred Crudder

As beverage director for Taco Mac’s parent company, Tappan Street Restaurant Group, Fred Crudder is responsible for what goes into the 1,900-plus beer taps at the chain’s twenty-four locations. He’s also the inspiration behind the Fred, an underground bar at the Prado location open to frequent drinkers in the

Havana Club, Ormsby’s, Gold Room, and more

1. The Havana Club Gold Room: David Walter Banks Hip-swive

Shepherd Center’s Derby Day

For their twenty-eighth annual Derby Day on May 1, organizers of the Shepherd Center benefit are moving the horsey hobnob to an Olympic-sized venue. This year, the fundraiser will whinny from the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, site of the 1996 Summer Games equestrian competition. As usua

Straddling Fences

In the middle of a February rehearsal for True Colors Theatre’s production of Our Town, a cell phone rings and director Kenny Leon orders his actors to give him ten—push-ups, that is. “It’s killing me,” says Jill Jane Clements, an Atlanta actress preparing for the role of Mr

The Shelf: Holly LeCraw

Holly LeCraw Granted, a plot synopsis of The Swimming Pool (Doubleday, $25.95) sounds like the worst melodrama ever written. Beautiful Marc

In Tune: Whiskey Gentry

The Whiskey Gentry may have formed only a year ago, but with a sound that’s equal parts country, punk, and bluegrass, the local band’s concerts are packed with dedicated followers who are as likely to don cowboy boots as Dr. Martens. “There aren’t many [bands] in Atlanta where you can see someone

Up in the Air

Why is Highlands, North Carolina, so popular? It’s like Buckhead in the woods. Well-to-do Atlantans have been using Highlands as a summer retreat since the early twentieth century, when Coke execs such as the Woodruffs started the trend. A primary draw is the te

The Shelf: Lynn Cullen

Lynn Cullen Smyrna’s Lynn Cullen, a successful writer of books for young readers, makes a stunning leap into historical fiction for adults with The Cr

The Atlanta Student Movement: A Look Back

At breakfast tables across Atlanta on March 9, 1960, quiet consumption of coffee, grits, and eggs was disrupted as subscribers to the Atlanta Constitution and Atlanta Daily World opened their morning papers to discover a startling full-page ad.

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