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Should You Buy Cee Lo’s Christmas Album?

The lovably eccentric hip-hop/R&B/gospel/rock crooner from Atlanta is coming out with a Christmas album, featuring cameos by B.o.B, the Muppets, and Rod Stewart. Herewith, a scientific approach to deciding whether you should purchase Cee Lo’s Magic Moment.

Braves Relocation Update: The city’s timeline of what happened

In response to criticism that his administration was paying more attention to the Falcons than to the Braves, thus letting the latter slink away to Cobb County, Mayor Kasim Reed yesterday released a timeline that showed, among other things, that his office was . . . paying more attention to the Falcons than the Braves.

Atlanta: No. 3 city for movie lovers

This just in: evidently Atlanta is a great place to like movies. A recent study by Movoto deems Atlanta the third best place in the country for movie lovers. We’ll accept the award, even though we suspect it’s a consolation prize because this is too depressing a place to be a sports fan. Think about it. What better way to forget your crushed playoff dreams than to hide in the dark for three hours?
Atlanta animal shelters

As two Atlanta animal shelters launch expansions, here’s how you can give back

Both LifeLine Animal Project and PAWS Atlanta are launching expansion projects to continue providing low-cost pet welfare services to the community. So how can you give back to them? (Hint: Some of them involve beer.)
Color ATL

Want to relax? Put down your phone and grab the second volume of Color ATL

Color ATL’s second edition (the first was a hit in 2016) features works by 42 local artists, including Jeremy Brown, Catlanta, HENSE, and Tiny Doors ATL.

Wesley Cook’s Heavy lifting

On Saturday night at his Heavy release party at Smith’s Olde Bar, the moment of truth for Atlanta singer-songwriter Wesley Cook will arrive when the album’s closing track comes up on the set list. The song, Where We Want to Be (and indeed Cook’s entire new album) is dedicated to his brother Doug, who took his own life in April 2012. In the emotional track, Cook communicates directly to his brother, singing “I beg you, let me carry you” and “Until we are reunited, I’ll see you in my dreams.” The emotional wallop aside, vocally, the song is also demanding, ranging from a soft vibrato to a soaring falsetto and a big rock finish. When Cook recorded the song in January, he locked himself in a darkened vocal booth with a bottle of water, a cup of coffee and sang the song to a photograph of his brother.

Excerpt: Yamma Brown’s memoir ‘Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me’

In the memoir Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me (Chicago Review Press), Yamma Brown writes about growing up in the shadow of celebrity and domestic violence. She is equally candid about her parents’ troubled marriage (“the beatings always began the same way, with the same terrible sounds”) and the dichotomy of her life after their divorce.

Dog Gone

Why aren’t dogs allowed at the Dogwood Festival? There’s a disc dog competition, for Pete’s sake! Last April, Mary Leigh Evitt headed to the Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park with her border collie puppy, Olivia. After walking a mile from Evitt’s car
Cleta Winslow

Will District 4’s loyalty to Cleta Winslow save her from a runoff for her Atlanta City Council seat?

In her 24 years on the Atlanta City Council, Cleta Winslow has served with three mayors, sat on numerous committees, and attended countless public hearings and community meetings. But one thing she’s never done is face a runoff election.

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