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Elf on the Shelf Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas

Elf on the Shelf holiday cartoon specials are now coming to a TV near you

“I want our animated specials to be loved and last as long as the Grinch and Charlie Brown have been for me,” says Elf on the Shelf co-creator Chanda Bell. “The North Pole is the Greek mythology of our time. We want to tell all of Santa’s stories."

Democrats Abrams and Evans spar in televised debate on HOPE scholarship, political endorsements

Democratic candidates Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans made their case for why they should be Georgia's next governor during the Atlanta Press Club debate, discussing guns, healthcare, economics, and education.

Longtime Southwest DeKalb football coach Buck Godfrey honored with GACA Hall of Fame nod

William "Buck" Godfrey, who will be honored at this weekend’s GACA Hall of Fame banquet in Dalton, is in all respects a shoo-in. As head football coach at Southwest DeKalb High for thirty seasons, his record of 273-89-1—including a state championship, state runner-up title, and thirteen regional titles—makes him the winningest football coach in DeKalb County history and the winningest African American coach in the state.

Georgia spends its money on what?

Gov. Nathan Deal's refusal to accept an expansion of Medicaid, or to set up a health insurance exchange in Georgia as required by the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) aren't new news. Deal made it clear he'd reject an expansion of Medicaid not long after the Supreme Court's ACA ruling made it easier for states to decline. And Deal telegraphed his decision about exchanges for months before he made it official on November 16.

Thomas Mullen

After two historical novels, Decatur author Thomas Mullen takes an extraordinary trip to the near future in a thriller called The Revisionists (Little, Brown/Mulholland Books). In Washington, D.C., after a game-changing disaster known only as the “Great Conflagration,” Agent Zed from the U.S. Department of Historical Integrity travels back in time to make sure nothing interferes with the unfolding of horrific events such as the Holocaust, the 9/11 attacks, and the mysterious conflagration. All are necessary evils, in the government’s wisdom, to bring about “the Perfect Present”—a time of no war, no poverty, and no disease. Zed and his fellow agents are pitted against time-traveling historical agitators (aka hags), who are hell-bent on stopping the big tragedies. Though this is not a historical novel, the plot concerns the nature of history itself. “There’s a saying that dates back even before this time: History is written by the winners,” Mullen writes. “But what happens when everyone has lost?” Questions of fate versus free will, utopia versus reality, and the implications of a world without obvious racial and ethnic lines add terrific human depth to the whiz-bang gadgetry of Mullen’s imagined world. Just as he played with genre elements of noir and magical realism in last year’s The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers, Mullen now puts a very highbrow spin on the spy novel and science fiction.Also new THE CHESHIRE CHEESE CAT: A Dickens of a Tale (Peachtree Publishers) (For ages eight to twelve) Inspired by London’s Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a sixteenth-century inn with a rich literary history, authors Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright concocted this howler of a tale about a well-educated mouse named Pip and his feline, cheese-loving ally, Skilley: “He was the best of toms. He was the worst of toms.” Adults and children alike will find something to love about this playful romp, featuring cameos by Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Queen Victoria—all beautifully illustrated by Barry Moser. Deedy, a native of Cuba who grew up in Decatur, is a national treasure and a world-class storyteller. She’ll read from her new book at Decatur’s Little Shop of Stories ( on October 1.DRIFTING INTO DARIEN: A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River (University of Georgia Press) “Other rivers are as wide, and as dark, and as long, and as deep, and as bendy,” Janisse Ray writes. “Others are as well loved. Others are as wild. But the Altamaha is mine, its water my blood, its history my own.” The author of the critically acclaimed Ecology of a Cracker Childhood paddles the southeast Georgia river and creates a book that is part natural history, part earth-mother meditation.UNKNOWN FEMALE (Pill Hill Press) Marietta native Brian Ray’s second novel is a love story screaming to be made into a Tim Burton movie—brilliant and unsettling. Marx Thoreau, the deeply haunted son of a serial k

“All My Children” icon Susan Lucci discusses cancellation rumors during her Atlanta debut

Crescent Avenue became so clogged with illegally parked cars Monday night, it became a matter for the Atlanta Police department. The attraction inside the Margaret Mitchell House? Soap superstar Susan Lucci, making her Atlanta debut to introduce fans to her new memoir, "All My Life." As Intel arrived, we witnessed one over zealous fan buy an arm-load of books, vaporizing the 120-copy inventory the Midtown tourist attraction had on hand for the book signing.

What are you doing this weekend? March 27-30

It’s the quintessential rite of spring—more festivals than you could ever hope to attend. And this weekend has a whole slew of the outdoor jubilations, celebrating everything from bacon to bluegrass.
RitaWorld Pearl Kingdom

Meet RitaWorld, the lagoon-and-skyscraper vision for Turner Field that could have been

When developers started submitting their plans to redevelop Turner Field and the adjacent wasteland of parking lots, one name befuddled observers of the deal: Rita World Pearl Kingdom. Finally, we know what it was.
Taste of the NFL Atlanta Super Bowl LIII

Taste of the NFL brings football alums and chefs to raise money for food banks across the country

Nicknamed the "party with a purpose," the annual event, which this year took place at Cobb Galleria Centre, brings in a chef to represent each of the 32 NFL teams, as well as a "player rep" for each team—former players, many of whom are Pro Football Hall-of-Famers.
Tiovivo High Museum of Art Atlanta

You can climb and play on these whimsical animals at the High Museum

The High’s newest outdoor art installation is named Tiovivo, Spanish for “merry-go-round,” which is the first hint that it’s intended to serve as both eye-catching sculpture and children’s playscape.

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