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Takes on our mayoral roundtable

Well, it's been a week since our two-hour-long Atlanta History Center panel with four of the five living Atlanta mayors. We were pretty proud to have arranged the ensuing conversation, as led by the Pulitzer Prize–winning Doug Blackmon, given the event's one-of-a-kind nature. As you might imagine, the event sparked its own round of conversations over the following days.

Doria Roberts nurtures an Odetta-inspired batch of new songs on “Blackeyed Susan”

Atlanta singer-songwriter Doria Roberts' new album, "Blackeyed Susan" is designed to engage all your senses. When you slide up the lid on the wooden "Blackeyed Susan" box created out of scraps from a guitar manufacturer, the scent of loose tea perfumes the air. There are blackeyed susan seeds for planting, honey to accompany the tea, a piece of Atlanta designer Kathleen Plate's Smartglass recycled jewelry and, after a five-year wait, Roberts' latest song cycle, inspired by and featuring songs long associated with her late mentor and civil rights folk legend Odetta Holmes. Roberts will introduce fans to the project this week at Decatur CD on Tuesday night at 7:30 with an album release gig (a massive reproduction of the album cover is now displayed on the side of the building) and Thursday at 5 p.m. at the East Atlanta Farmers Market. For the first time, Roberts says she has no plans to issue a digital version of the project ("I want people to enage all their senses with the keepsake box," she says. "You can't achieve that with a download.").

Spoiler Alert! Our infectious peek behind the scenes of the Atlanta-set “Contagion”

"Contagion," the nation's new number one movie, will have you reconsidering that nasty habit of dragging your paws through those communal bowls of snacks at the airport lounge. Or ever again accepting a glass of wine from a bartender. Or perhaps ever again leaving your home. The highly effective thriller, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne and Gwyneth Paltrow, focuses on Atlanta's Centers For Disease Control and Prevention as its disease detectives attempt to stop a swift-moving global pandemic from snuffing the earth's population. How swift-moving you ask? Spoiler alert! Just 25 minutes into the movie, Coldplay singer Chris Martin's missus is being autopsied.

As season winds down, Mary Kay Andrews reflects on the best “Summer” of her career

Sometimes, to grow effectively as a writer, you have to scare the bejesus out of yourself. That's the lesson New York Times best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews has learned over the past year, leaving Harper Collins, her publisher of 18 years, for a fresh start with St. Martin's Press. "It was terrifying but I just felt it was time," Andrews reflected this summer over lunch at Big Tex Cantina in Decatur. "It was time to grow."

Q&A with Jane Fonda

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Growing Up Muslim in College Park

Sarah Kajani had just started her freshman year of high school when the terrorist-hijacked planes struck the Twin Towers. As if adolescence were not agonizing enough for a Muslim girl in Peachtree City. “Suddenly all eyes were on us, so for a couple of years, my Indian family and I kept the outward signs of our religion—our prayers, our customary dress, henna tattoos—low-key,” she says. “There was this feeling in the air that we all should apologize. My cousin

Louis Corrigan

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Gregg Allman’s Second Chance

In 2009 Gregg Allman flew to Los Angeles to record his first solo album in fourteen years. The producer was the famous T Bone Burnett. “It started off so quick,” Allman says from his home on the Georgia coast. “Right away we had four tunes. Some were first takes. There were no interruptions, no strife, no drama.”

Life With Cary: Daughter Jennifer Grant previews TCM tribute and why he loved The Gap (!?)

When Turner Classic Movies presents 24 hours of Cary Grant's film starting at 6 a.m. Sunday as part of its "Summer Under the Stars" festival, his only child Jennifer Grant will be tuned in with the rest of the world. "Thanks to this day dedicated to my dad's work on TCM, I get to catch up," Jennifer Grant tells Intel. "It's a part of his life I'm still under-exposed to. By the time I came into the world, Dad had really left that part of his life behind and had moved on."

Zac Brown protege Nic Cowan steps into the spotlight with “Hardheaded” debut

Cabbagetown singer-singwriter Nic Cowan's Southern accented growl of a voice immediately conjures up vintage visions of John Lee Hooker and Otis Redding. So, it's a little jarring when you come face to face with a 28 year old, tatted up skinny white boy. "I get that a lot!" says Cowan. "A lot of people think I sound a lot different than the way I am."

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