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Newt Gingrich is Akin for revenge

"If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

The Constellations offer new tales of the city on Do It For Free

Despite a catchy chorus and name-dropping the street in question, "April," a track off Atlanta act The Constellations new sophomore effort, "Do It For Free" will likely not become the official anthem of Atlanta city councilman Kwanza Hal's Year of Boulevard clean up initiative. Especially since the title character is a coke-addicted hooker turning tricks in alleys for blow whose body is eventually discovered in a dumpster on the corner of North Avenue and Boulevard.

MARTA audit caveat: Low wages counterbalance costly benefits

On Monday, MARTA released an independent audit that cited employee benefits as one major drain on the cash-strapped transit authority. On Tuesday, this appeared on the front page of the AJC print edition:

Tweets of the Day: September 21, 2012—Music Midtown Edition

How people are celebrating this year's two-day music festival:

Soundchecking the new Music Midtown app

Thanks to AT&T, this year's Music Midtown festival goers have a brand new guide to tonight and Saturday's shows in Piedmont Park. Festival organizers are encouraging iPhone and Android users to download the free app before heading out to party this weekend.

Swimming Pool Q’s score record finish with successful Kickstarter campaign

Late Tuesday night and a full two weeks ahead of schedule, legendary Atlanta rock act The Swimming Pool Q's emailed a special thank you to fans who have now donated a total of $15,602 to fund the release of the band's long out of print A&M albums.

As the Eastside Trail opening nears, BeltLine security squad still is “more of a concept.”

Though it doesn’t technically open until October 15, and sizable chunks of it are still under construction, the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail is already populated with business-attired bicyclists, joggers, skaters, and entire convoys of families. Police and Beltline officials stress that people who use the trail now do so at their own risk.

UPDATE: “Flattered” Fox News releases statement on R.E.M. song

After reading our coverage today, Fox News reps have thoughtfully released a statement about R.E.M's cease and desist request after the cable news channel aired a portion of the Athens act's hit single, "Losing My Religion" this week during the Democratic National Convention.

A plea to partisan media: Leave Honey Boo Boo alone!

A weird thing happened to Honey Boo Boo last week.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine gets ready to light the night

Last weekend was packed with institutional Atlanta events such as DragonCon and the Decatur Book Festival, but this weekend marks the third anniversary of a younger civic tradition: Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, a three-month-long exhibition that brings visual and performance art to the BeltLine's twenty-two miles of trails, parks, and rail lines.

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