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RHOA recap: Lawrence gets mugged by Tina Turner & Madonna, Phaedra’s super-sized gift leaves a bad taste

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 404: “Jewels Be Dangled” recap:As this week’s episode of locally produced migraine-triggering reality television opens, Kim Zolciak is receiving a mea culpa visit from Phaedra Parks. Last week, the Atlanta attorney’s husband Apollo got into an intense verbal altercation with Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter at Kim and her boy toy baby daddy Kroy Biermann’s baby shower. A lavish apology gift basket is delivered. As is frequently the case with RHOA, there’s a teachable moment for viewers. Kim’s social etiquette tip? “Note to self. Keep the ex-cons and the [expletive] off the guest list next time.”

Tony Bennett wows crowd at Fox

Just before launching into a series of four standing ovation-inspiring encores at his capacity concert at the Fox Theatre Friday night, Tony Bennett observed with a laugh: "I guess you can tell by now, I just sing old songs!" The 85-year-old icon's legion of fans instantly applauded the singer's Great American Songbook set selection. With his peers, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams, Sarah Vaughan and pal Rosemary Clooney all gone now, Bennett is keeping the songs of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and George and Ira Gershwin alive for his diverse audience, a mix of young and old fans.

Cain campaign autopsy

The Herman Cain presidential campaign isn't officially dead, but Talking Points Memo has already posted a compelling video autopsy.

RHOA recap: Behold the inception of Chateau Sheree, house hubbys Apollo and Peter throw down

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 403: “Shower the Baby, Muzzle the Boy” recap:As our weekly odyssey into self-inflicted alcohol poisoning opens, viewers are treated to a visual of Sheree Whitfield’s toilet. And so are her new neighbors! Alas, this is not a fancy metaphor for the state of programming on Bravo. The ex-wife of NFL star Bob Whitfield has purchased property in “one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Atlanta” and is having vintage colonial two-story on the lot ripped down so she can erect Chateau Sheree, a lovely McMansion on the site, complete with a large stylish “S” dangling over the front door. With the outer wall now missing, Sheree’s throne is now on public display. Judging from the lush tree cover on the rural lot, “one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Atlanta” is located in Ellijay. It doesn’t help that Sheree has worn four-inch heels to the demolition site. Advises Andrew the contractor: “The next time you come to my job site, wear tennis shoes.” Sheree is quick to correct the contractor: “This is my job site. You wear heels the next time!”

Herman Cain revels in his own religious bigotry

On Friday, Herman Cain made a campaign stop at The Holy Land Experience Biblical amusement park in Orlando, Florida. While addressing a crowd, he told a jokey story about his cancer treatment displaying Cain's pride in his own vulgar anti-Muslim bigotry.

Cain: Taliban infiltrating Libya

I'm starting to feel sad for Herman Cain.Today he said Libya has been infiltrated by the Taliban. See for yourself.

Herman Cain campaign death watch has begun

Is the Cain campaign dying? Let's see:1. His national poll numbers are in free-fall (Click here and look for the red line).

Cain gets Secret Service protection

National Journal reports Herman Cain became the first 2012 GOP candidate to get Secret Service protection. According to the report, the Cain campaign is concerned about crowd control, not a specific threat. (UPDATE: The Associated Press reports Cain has received threats.)

A closer look at Luther Cain Jr. and his relationship with Robert Woodruff

Herman Cain has written and spoken widely about his admiration for his late father, Luther Cain Jr., the man who moved young Herman, his brother, Thurman, and their mother, Lenora, from Memphis to Atlanta in the late 1940s. Luther’s plight—humping jobs as a barber, a janitor, and a chauffeur in the segregated South to support his family—has become a central part of the Cain campaign’s rags-to-riches mythology.

Herman Cain does not speak Cuban

Another day, another gaffe gift from Herman Cain.While campaigning to Cuban American voters in Miami Monday, Herman Cain did the usual schmoozy candidate thing of trying local food and drink in front of cameras. Nothing special there, until after taking a bite of food, Cain turned to the man behind him and asked, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

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