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The Shelf: 2009’s Best Books

BEST NOVEL The Age of Orphans by Laleh Khadivi (Bloomsbury, $24) Khadivi’s brutal, transcendent novel is set in her native Iran, where a Kurdish boy is conscripted into the first shah’s army after seeing his family slaughtered. He is taught to kill his own people as he grows in

Online Extra: The Constellations Q&A

Atlanta’s supergroup is an amorphous thing to wrap your mind around. With a genre-straddling sound and everchanging roster that has included former members of Atlanta’s Gates of Berlin, Vin Corejo, Snowden, Second Shift, Ocha la Rocha, Trances Arc, and others, the Constellations are, in many ways, the voice of the Atlanta music scene. Since vocalist Elijah Jones and his seven-person band teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarles Barkley, Gym Class H

Trains on the brain

Q: What happened to all the cool old passenger trains that used to run through Georgia? Neill Herring, a former Georgia Association of Railroad Passengers lobbyist, rode the Dixie Flyer and the Ponce de Leon from Dalton to Atlanta back in the sixties. “The train guys knew us because we helped handle the mail,” he says

In Tune: The Constellations

With a sound that straddles rock, punk, and hip-hop, and an ever-changing roster that has included members of local groups such as the Gates of Berlin, Snowden, and Second Shift, the Constellations are in many ways the voice of the Atlanta music scene. In 2008, vocalist Elijah Jones and his seven-person band teamed up with Grammy-winnin

A mysterious tower and a towering rivalry

Q. What's that large phallic symbol on the east side of the Connector with the word "Corey" on its side? Known more politely as the Corey Tower, it was originally a Georgia Power steam plant facility that provided heat to Downtown in the sixties and seventies. Eventually outmoded, it was purchased in 1994 by local entrepreneur Billy Corey, whose company specializes in billboard and airport advertising. “The ‘Power of the Tower’ i

The Shelf: Andrew B. Lewis, A Good Fall, and Little Richard

Andrew B. Lewis Nearly half a century after the creation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in North Carolina, hist

In Tune: Ticket Alternative

Long before Ticketmaster’s merger with Live Nation was proposed last February, Iain Bluett was a stocky, lilting Brit hawking Polo at Lenox in 1992. “The Buckhead women would come in for their boyfriends, and I’d end up taking them out. The accent, you know,” he laughs. Now in his “mid-to-late thirties,

In Tune: Warren Hudson, owner of Decatur CD

After Decatur CD owner Warren Hudson had sent a dozen customers to Walmart for the new DVD from local country sensations Sugarland because of their exclusive distribution deal with the big-box retailer, he made his disapproval public by penning an open letter to the band. It stated, “By shutting the door on independent record

In Tune: Drivin’ N’ Cryin’

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ didn’t set out to take a twelve-year hiatus. For the decade and a half following its formation in 1985, the Atlanta band was tireless, putting out eight albums and touring with bands such as the Who, the Allman Brothers, and R.E.M. The success of 1991’s “Fly Me Courageous” and R

Candy bars and childhood scars

Q: I live in Midtown. Where should I take my kids trick-or-treating for a really good time? A good intown experience (without the masked hordes) can be had in Ansley Park. As a precocious young candy hoarder who took fetishistic pleasure in accumulating, organizing, and locking away his candy stash, I found the Midtown neighborhood aerobically and navigationally challenging—wide, labyrinthine streets with long, regal driveways—but rewarding. I still have my perso

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