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Newt to stay in until “Romney drops out”

As polls predicted for nearly a week, Newt Gingrich decisively lost the Florida GOP primary last night to Mitt Romney. Exit polls showed TV ads and debates were a big deal to voters. As anyone who watched the two Florida debates knows, Newt failed to shine in either. As for the battle of the ads, Romney massively outspent Newt in Florida.

RHOA recap: The ladies land in Cape Town, property values plunge

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Episode 412: “South Africa: Just Like Home” recap:As our episode opens, that clinking sound you hear is the ladies on a 16-hour flight to Cape Town, South Africa. It’s also the sound being generated at the downtown Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau as this hot mess of a reality show flies far from our fair city for 10 days. With luggage carts crammed with designer suitcases, Phaedra Parks, NeNe Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey and interloping ex-con “RHOA” wannabe Marlo Hampton attempt to board the airport elevators without causing the cable to snap, ending the episode before we’re even properly buzzed on our 40-gallon drum of Goldschlager. Essentially, these women have brought enough wardrobe to clothe every man, woman and child living in South Africa.

I think Newt lost Florida last night

I think Newt Gingrich lost Florida during last night's debate and, therefore, his best chance to win the GOP Presidential nomination.

Phaedra Parks dishes on the RHOA African season finale, living life on air

When part of your job description entails mercilessly mocking a certain Atlanta-set reality show, it's always awkward when you actually run into one of the cast members face to face. For example, when we spotted Atlanta attorney Phaedra C. Parks this week at the soiree for Georgia's 2012 Grammy nominees at the downtown W, we braced for a) a beating with a metal folding chair or b) a hug.

Debate review: Newt needs an audience

UPDATE 1:55 P.M.: I wasn't the only person who thought Newt was neutered by the silent debate audience. Newt told Fox this morning he will not allow "the media" to silence audiences during future debates. "The media doesn’t control free speech," Newt said. "People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to."

RHOA Recap: NeNe invites Marlo to Africa, Kroy auditions for the role of Rose Nyland

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 411: “Shaping Up and Shipping Out” recap:As this week’s clinicial study into migraine triggers opens, NeNe Leakes is visiting her budding bestie Marlo Hampton’s luxury brownstone. Apparently, the ex-con’s exposure to the criminal element while in jail made a lasting impression. Marlo has more security cameras than the High Museum of Art. This may be to protect her Imelda Marcos homage of designer shoes and handbags inside a lavish walk-in closet. Needless to say, NeNe is impressed. “I’m a shoe girl, Marlo’s a shoe girl,” she explains. “I’m 5’10”, Marlo’s 5’10”. When I walk into a room, I own it. When Marlo walks into a room, she almost own it. So, you know, we’re a great pair.”

Newt leaves South Carolina for younger, hotter state

As anyone who is acquainted with Newt Gingrich's personal life knows, loving him can be dangerous.

Newt Gingrich crushes Romney in South Carolina

Newt Gingrich won South Carolina and won big.

I’m Tweeting the CNN Debate

If you're feeling masochistic, wander over to my Twitter page. I'm live-Tweeting the CNN Debate.

It’s official: Newtmentum arrives in South Carolina!

Two new polls show Newt Gingrich ahead of Romney in South Carolina. The Real Clear Politics poll of polls still has Romney ahead though. (UPDATE: Newt is ahead of Mitt by 6 percent in Public Policy Polling's just released survey).

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