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2019 Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship

What it was like to be among the first women to ever compete at Augusta National

The Augusta National Women's Amateur marked the first time that women have competed on the grounds of Augusta National, home of the Masters tournament. Here, the players say what the opportunity means to them.

What are you doing this weekend? December 6 – 8

Apparently ’tis the season of organized strolls—and runs. December’s arrival brings hot cocoa, festive light displays, and organized walks through other people’s homes. And given the crazy weather of the past week, it’s good to know that not all these events are outdoors.

Off the Wall: Graffiti

Except for the Krog Street Tunnel, Atlanta has never been a haven for street artists. Even there, Cabbagetown neighbors have fought over stray tags. But the city’s urban cred inches forward this month as local galleries bring the paint-wielding rabble-rousers inside. Through May 14, Westside’s Sandler Hudson Gallery is featuring “all city” writer (graffiti slang for an artist whose work shows up all over town) Alex Brewer, aka Hense. And Get This! Gallery will host t

Cain leads poll in S.C.

We're going to go ahead and theorize that like the rest of us, dieting makes former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield a scant bit cranky. Spies tell us the calorie-counting cruiserweight ordered the Market Salad this week during a visit to Spice Market inside the Midtown W hotel.

Video of the Day: Conan takes on Rebecca Black

I think we all know what today is. Rebecca Black really is the gift that keeps on giving, ever since her single "Friday" hit teh Interwebz a fortnight ago (more than 40,000,000 hits on YouTube and counting). On Wednesday, Conan took on the rising starlet, alleging that she had ripped off his original song, "Thursday," on a bit for his TBS show. His rendition mocked Black's innocuous lyrics (ahem, the progression of the days of the week is pretty well laid out) and the song's many incongruous elements (a random rapper? cereal?). Fun, fun, FUN, FUN, fun! Our bearded one can do no wrong. I don't want this Internet meme to end!

How TomorrowWorld is pumping millions into Atlanta’s economy

Locals who went to TomorrowWorld last year spent about $97 per day while out-of-towners (which includes foreigners from some 75 countries) shelled out $148 a day, which translates to about $72 million in economic impact in the region, according to a study by analytics firm ICF International.

Meet Asshole Santa, the North Pole’s bad influence in East Atlanta

Asshole Santa is coming to Atlanta, and he’s drinking Scotch, chain-smoking fake cigars, and ignoring whether you’re naughty or nice. Tell him what you want for Christmas on November 17 at East Atlanta’s 529 Bar.

UPDATE: Eddie Owen takes to Facebook to address his Eddie’s Attic firing

In a Facebook post to friends posted Wednesday morning, Eddie Owen, the namesake and former owner of Eddie's Attic in Decatur responded to reaction from fans after he announced his firing from the club Monday morning. In the post Owen wrote: "Wow. Thanx for all the love. The ones of y'all that know me know that responding to each individual, on the computer, would take me 72 days. and to all those media / press folk, sorry I haven't called you back. it's a pretty simple story.

How I walked the Atlanta Streetcar route and became a convert—well, basically.

Last weekend, my husband and I walked the 2.6-mile Atlanta Streetcar route. I’ll admit I embarked on this jaunt as a skeptic. Our hike down Edgewood Avenue (right) might not have delivered a full-on Road-to-Damascus epiphany, but it certainly left me ready to do a little evangelizing on behalf of the project.

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