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Survey: Atlanta ranks No. 8 for good-looking people

In a recent reader survey by Travel + Leisure ranking America’s Most and Least Attractive People, our fairer than fair metro came in at No. 8.
Luma Mufleh Fugees Famly DVF Award

Fugees Family founder Luma Mufleh on breaking barriers, discrimination, and what’s next for her refugee nonprofit

Fugees Family founder Luma Mufleh recently earned a DVF Award, a program created by designer Diane von Furstenberg to celebrate "extraordinary women." She chats with us about the award, discrimination against refugees, and what's next for her nonprofit.
Where to volunteer on Election Day in Atlanta

How to volunteer on Election Day in metro Atlanta

While many metro Atlanta counties were overwhelmed with applications to become poll workers, there are still plenty of ways to help out fellow voters and volunteer on Election Day.

Our Place in the Universe: No. 10 for real GDP

A chart from the McKinsey Global Institute looks at what cities were most economically powerful, in terms of real GDP, in 1978, and what cities were most powerful in 2010. And Atlanta went up five spots from fifteenth place to tenth! Thanks, Olympics!

Look out, Zuccotti Park! Here comes Newt!

What a difference two months makes.In November 2011, then GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich said Occupy Wall Street protestors should "take a bath" and "get a job."
Leon Bridges

4 things to know about Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges grew up mostly in Fort Worth, Texas, but he spent his earliest years in Atlanta. Still, he hadn’t been back since March, when he headlined at Eddie’s Attic.

Transportation referendum: Is the AJC being a downer?

On Sunday, the AJC provided an in-depth look at how the proposed transportation sales tax will affect commute times. This being the Twitter age, it's safe to assume many readers delved only as far as the article's downer of a lede:

Pow! With Heroes + Villains, photographer Philip Bonneau recreates Saturday morning magic

Just in time for the city’s Pride celebration this weekend, Atlanta visual artist Philip Bonneau brings his 40-piece homage to childhood, the fourth and final “issue” of his Heroes & Villains series to life at Suite Spot in West Midtown. For a generation of kids raised on 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, Disney animated features and comic books, this exhibition is best viewed with a heaping bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs doused with cold milk. Just one week into the month-long show, half of Bonneau’s photographs are already sold (he’s donating proceeds from the show to Lost –n- Found Youth, Inc., the city’s year-old nonprofit whose mission is to take LGBT youth off the streets and into more permanent housing). Throughout the exhibition, Bonneau imaginatively recreates his favorite Marvel and DC comic book characters, Disney villains and many beloved Saturday morning TV favorites.

RHOA recap: Lawrence gets mugged by Tina Turner & Madonna, Phaedra’s super-sized gift leaves a bad taste

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 404: “Jewels Be Dangled” recap:As this week’s episode of locally produced migraine-triggering reality television opens, Kim Zolciak is receiving a mea culpa visit from Phaedra Parks. Last week, the Atlanta attorney’s husband Apollo got into an intense verbal altercation with Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter at Kim and her boy toy baby daddy Kroy Biermann’s baby shower. A lavish apology gift basket is delivered. As is frequently the case with RHOA, there’s a teachable moment for viewers. Kim’s social etiquette tip? “Note to self. Keep the ex-cons and the [expletive] off the guest list next time.”
Jackee White, five-star Lyft driver

After 20,000 passengers, this five-star Lyft driver has met more Atlantans than you know

"I broke my ankle, had a bad divorce, lost custody of my daughters, and ended up basically homeless. That's when I decided to try out Lyft. Now, I have a five-star rating and driven 20,000 passengers. My goal is to be the first female driver to make $100,000."

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