Jennifer Conforti

Why can’t we grow medical marijuana in Georgia?

“We’re not trying to pull one over on anybody. All we want is medicine for those who truly do have a debilitating illness and allow them to have access to a safe and legal product here in Georgia.”

Shirley Franklin: “I regret that I didn’t do more”

In an interview with National Journal published yesterday, two-term Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin was asked about the metro region's abysmal ranking for social mobility and how economic inequality could—or should—be addressed by local politicians.

StoryCorps seeking Atlanta Eagle raid first-person accounts

Thanks to the power of social media, first-person accounts from the city's infamous September 2009 raid of the Atlanta Eagle on Ponce de Leon Avenue may wind up archived in the Library of Congress. StoryCorps, the national non-profit founded in 2003 and dedicated to recording American oral histories, has a recording studio at Atlanta's WABE-FM. The controversial 2009 gay bar raid by the city's now-disbanded Red Dog Unit was performed by 24 officers who ordered patrons to lie face down on the floor for hours as they performed searches, background checks and shouted anti-gay slurs. Last summer, Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed's office released a scathing 343-page independent report on the raid, disclosing that 16 officers later lied or destroyed evidence about the botched raid. Half a dozen APD officers were fired and nine were disciplined in the fallout from the raid.

Drudge Report says ABC News says Gingrich’s ex-wife offers bombshell revelations about Gingrich, says The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast's aptly-named "Cheat Sheet" reports Drudge Report reports that ABC News has a "bombshell" interview with Gingrich's ex-wife Marianne. Marianne's the one he was cheating on when he was trying to impeach Clinton, not to be confused with the ex-wife he dumped during her cancer treatment. Apparently ABC is trying to figure out if it should air the interview before Saturday's South Carolina primary vote.
Ivory Lee Young, Jr.

Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Lee Young, Jr. is hospitalized and in grave condition

Currently serving his fourth four-year term on Atlanta City Council, Young took a leave of absence from his District 3 Council duties several weeks ago to undergo a stem-cell transplant to treat multiple myeloma.

Interview with Cathy Woolard: Atlanta remains ‘ground zero’ for HIV infection in the US

Before she steps down as Interim Executive Director of AID Atlanta, Cathy Woolard is determined to achieve two goals—recruit a CEO with a clear vision for the future, and ensure this Sunday’s AIDS Walk meets its million-dollar fundraising target.

Cobb stadium dissenters finally got a chance to speak

The TV news cameras rolled. The newspaper writers hovered over their laptops. On Tuesday morning, two weeks after being escorted kicking and screaming from the Cobb County Commission chambers, the opposition to the Braves stadium finally was to have its day to address the commissioners. Three dissenters showed up.

Commentary: The core problem with Cobb

It can’t have been easy to be a Cobb resident this week. Since Monday’s surprise announcement of the Braves’ impending relocation to a vacant lot near Cumberland Mall, the prevailing attitude from the rest of the metro area has been: Effing *Cobb*. Those highway-worshipin’, Applebees-eatin’ suburbanites spit in the face of progress [time][1] and [again][2], then steal our baseball team.

Newt going into powersave mode

After failing to win, um, any primary or caucus of consequence since South Carolina, Newt's campaign is winding down. In fairness to Newt, I've been incorrectly predicting the eminent end of his campaign since before it began, so duty requires me to offer some hard evidence this time.

Newt’s gonna win Georgia, but it doesn’t matter.

The poll of polls indicates Newt Gingrich will win big in tomorrow's Georgia primary. He's up by 2o percent over Mitt Romney.

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