Deal signs law requiring mass drug tests

On Monday, Gov. Nathan Deal signed a law that will arbitrarily require all Georgia welfare recipients to submit to drug tests.
How to register to vote in Georgia

Hey, Georgia: Make sure you’re registered to vote by October 9

Don't miss your chance to vote in the November 6 election; check your Georgia voter registration and make sure you're registered by October 9, 2018.

Debate review: Newt needs an audience

UPDATE 1:55 P.M.: I wasn't the only person who thought Newt was neutered by the silent debate audience. Newt told Fox this morning he will not allow "the media" to silence audiences during future debates. "The media doesn’t control free speech," Newt said. "People ought to be allowed to applaud if they want to."

Into the Eye of Newt

As Herman Cain's performance art project/campaign goes the way of last night's pizza box, this blog is shifting its attention to Georgia's other big political gift to the current presidential campaign: Newton Leroy Gingrich.

Look out, Zuccotti Park! Here comes Newt!

What a difference two months makes.In November 2011, then GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich said Occupy Wall Street protestors should "take a bath" and "get a job."
Georgia Governor Debate Bingo Atlanta Magazine

We made bingo cards for tonight’s Georgia gubernatorial debate

You're watching tonight's debate between Stacey Abrams, Brian Kemp, and Ted Metz already, right? To add some fun to the 7 p.m. televised debate, we made bingo cards.

Ben and Frank Mankiewicz team up for TCM’s Father’s Day gift to viewers

Q: For movie fans, debate still rages over the screenwriting credit for Citizen Kane. Your father ended up sharing the credit with director Orson Welles. Is this still an internal debate within the family too?

The riddle of Newt Gingrich is solved

Why isn't Newt Gingrich the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination? Is it because he's extraordinarily unpopular with voters? Is it because he's so disliked by actual Republican office holders that he was reduced to touting an endorsement by Sarah Palin's husband? Is it because he's the only Speaker of the House in U.S. history to be fined and reprimanded for ethics violations?

Flashback: John Lewis wanted to go to Congress. He didn’t make it the first time.

John Lewis likes to remind supporters to never give up. In January 1977, after President Jimmy Carter appointed then U.S. Rep. Andrew Young to be ambassador to the United Nations, Lewis joined a dozen candidates vying to replace Young. Come election night, Lewis lost to fellow Democrat Wyche Fowler. “Two months ago, nobody knew who John Lewis was. This is only the beginning.” Elected to the House in 1986, Lewis began his 17th term in January.
Matt Lieberman

11 questions for Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Matt Lieberman

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Matt Lieberman answers our questions about COVID-19, healthcare, systemic racism, and the Supreme Court.

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