Infographic of the Day: Georgia has the No. 1 unemployment rate

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly unemployment report card and let's just say that Mississippi will be feeling pretty good, because Georgia has now claimed the top spot. Indeed, ours is the...
Atlanta election voting

Everything you need to know about the 2017 Atlanta City Council races in 10 minutes

There's a lot going on in the Atlanta City Council races, and your time is precious. A quick guide to get you up to speed on what you should know before Tuesday.

Nathan Deal: The Man Who Doesn’t Lose

Since 1980, Nathan Deal has run for office sixteen times—six state Senate campaigns, nine congressional campaigns, and one gubernatorial campaign—and never lost. One wonders if he even prepares concession speeches anymore.

Launching Forward Atlanta (again)

Why mess, as they say, with success? That’s the apparent philosophy of civic boosters, who will reincarnate the Forward Atlanta marketing campaign the Chamber of Commerce first debuted in the 1920s.

Last night’s Cobb community meeting about the Braves was just like a game at the Ted.

The crowd of about two hundred trickled in late (apparently traffic in the I-75/I-285 corridor can get a bit gummy for 7 p.m. weeknight events) and left early.

Obamacare shutdown in DeKalb County classrooms?

The political fight in Washington over the Affordable Care Act has dominated headlines. But more quietly, and closer to home, the health care law is having reverberations in DeKalb County classrooms.

Roswell’s state Senator argues for drug testing the world!

In yesterday's big AJC story about Georgia's constitutionally questionable new bill requiring drug tests for welfare recipients, one of the bill's sponsors defended the bill thusly:

The longest day at the Gold Dome

Crossover Day at the state Capitol began a little more than seven hours ago, and we’re likely only about half-way through. The House just passed a contentious gun bill, but there are other pieces of legislation that have been flagged as controversial by virtue of the fact that the leadership has pre-emptively limited debate to an hour apiece.

Newt’s last stand

When Newt Gingrich told CBS Monday he planned to run a "Charlie Rose"-style campaign, he wasn't kidding.

Political vultures circle the Cain campaign

Herman Cain may have vowed in New Hampshire yesterday that “it ain’t over yet,” but political pundits are already treating the demise of his campaign as a foregone conclusion.

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