A storm do over for Deal and Reed?

For parents this latest weather crisis means more snow days, cabin fever, and scrambling for childcare—the APS, DeKalb, and Fulton school systems already announced closures. For businesses, the storm means more disruption. For Deal and Reed, on the other hand, the prospect of ice, rain, or sleet falling from the heavens is a heaven-sent opportunity for a political do-over. Which means that voters will be watching their response as closely as the governor and mayor are watching the skies.

Mayor: Guns will not be everywhere in the City of Atlanta

In all of yesterday’s excitement over soccer and waffles, it might have slipped your mind that July 1 also marked the start of Georgia’s new gun law. The so-called “Guns Everywhere” law increases the public places where firearms can be carried—including bars, nightclubs, and some government facilities.
Stacey Abrams The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Stacey Abrams, Big Boi guest on The Daily Show this week

This week's guest lineup on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah was more Atlanta-centric than usual: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams stopped by for Monday's episode and Outkast rapper Big Boi appeared on Wednesday's show.

Catching up with the Newt “Comeback Kid” Gingrich

Guess who's also stunned by Newt Gingrich's rise to the top of the GOP Presidential polls? Newt himself. He recently spoke to Newsweek about what it describes in the headline as his "stunning" comeback.
Atlanta Streetcar

Will voters decide to double down on the Atlanta Streetcar?

Streetcar boosters believe the referendums, if approved, could shift the conversation away from its early troubles. When the first trolley rolled out in December 2014, the project was already more than a year and a half behind schedule, and construction costs had ballooned from an estimated $69 million to more than $98 million, with federal grants covering less than half the price tag.
Stacey Abrams

A conversation with Stacey Abrams on voter suppression, “electability,” and those VP rumors

Most politicians, after losing a monumental election, see their personal brand fade into obscurity. Not Stacey Abrams. 

National Review Online: Cain tells staff he may quit campaign

Cain apparently took it very badly when we scribbled Newt Gingrich's name on the logo for this blog. According to National Review Online, he told his staff this morning that he's considering ending his campaign.

Power to the parents

In the rose-colored room of a restored antebellum home in Decatur, a place that usually holds the luncheons of Junior League ladies or showers for Southern brides-to-be, DeKalb County parents quietly made history this week. Leaders of parent councils met on Monday and agreed to become a unified force.

Harassment scandal eroding Cain’s support

One week into the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal story, Cain's popularity among Republicans is finally starting to take a hit. A Reuters/Ipso poll conducted over the weekend shows a 9 percent drop in Cain's favorability ratings among Republicans.

Jason Carter: The Inevitable Candidate

Jason Carter has smarts, charisma, and an incomparable pedigree. He also has just four years in elected office, and he’s running for governor in a state that has little tolerance for his political party. Can a man who’s been building the resume for this campaign since he was a teenager save the Democrats in Georgia?

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