Deal signs law requiring mass drug tests

On Monday, Gov. Nathan Deal signed a law that will arbitrarily require all Georgia welfare recipients to submit to drug tests.

Herman Cain is the Clarence Thomas of Bob Doles

During last night's GOP debate, Herman Cain defended himself from sexual harassment charges in a not especially compelling way.

Cobb stadium dissenters finally got a chance to speak

The TV news cameras rolled. The newspaper writers hovered over their laptops. On Tuesday morning, two weeks after being escorted kicking and screaming from the Cobb County Commission chambers, the opposition to the Braves stadium finally was to have its day to address the commissioners. Three dissenters showed up.

Herman Cain revels in his own religious bigotry

On Friday, Herman Cain made a campaign stop at The Holy Land Experience Biblical amusement park in Orlando, Florida. While addressing a crowd, he told a jokey story about his cancer treatment displaying Cain's pride in his own vulgar anti-Muslim bigotry.

Last night’s Cobb community meeting about the Braves was just like a game at the Ted.

The crowd of about two hundred trickled in late (apparently traffic in the I-75/I-285 corridor can get a bit gummy for 7 p.m. weeknight events) and left early.

Atlanta’s “unapologetic mayor” apologizes. Again.

Mayor Kasim Reed’s annual address to the Atlanta Press Club originally was scheduled for earlier this month, but rescheduled to today because Reed traveled to Washington D.C. to testify on transportation. It’s safe to assume he wish he’d stuck to the original agenda, given this week’s snow-induced gridlock that made Atlanta’s transportation woes an international news story.

Into the memory hole with Newt

Last night I watched the first part of a documentary about the Great Depression. The story of irrational exuberance, poor governance, market fetishism, and sleazy banking that led up to the October 1929 market crash might as well have been the story of 2007 and 2008. The main difference was that people in 1929 seemed to dress better than we do.

Newt going into powersave mode

After failing to win, um, any primary or caucus of consequence since South Carolina, Newt's campaign is winding down. In fairness to Newt, I've been incorrectly predicting the eminent end of his campaign since before it began, so duty requires me to offer some hard evidence this time.

The businesses on Edgewood and Auburn need your support

Okay, everyone who claims to support transit alternatives in Atlanta. Here’s a great chance to put your money where your mouth is. Atlanta Streetcar work is progressing—oh-so-slowly but steadily—and so is work on the Atlanta BeltLine. But while all of this is underway, it means major hassles for businesses in the Sweet Auburn corridor, especially right on Edgewood and Auburn avenues.
William Perry

Will Common Cause still be Georgia’s watchdog?

Earlier Tuesday, Common Cause Georgia executive director William Perry parted ways with the group after more than four years, the latest move in a string of recent shakeups within the organization’s Georgia chapter.

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