Who’s surprised by Herman Cain’s rise in the polls? Herman Cain.

It's official. Or at least as official as four polls can be.Herman Cain, Atlanta's very own pizza CEO/lobbyist/singer/talk radio host has risen from joke candidate to front-runner for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination in about two months. The RealClearPolitics.com average of polls now has Cain at 25 percent and Mitt Romney at 24.3 percent. In distant third place and fading fast is Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose hyped candidacy has yet to recover from Perry's severe inability to hide from the public what a terrible candidate he is.

Commentary: The core problem with Cobb

It can’t have been easy to be a Cobb resident this week. Since Monday’s surprise announcement of the Braves’ impending relocation to a vacant lot near Cumberland Mall, the prevailing attitude from the rest of the metro area has been: Effing *Cobb*. Those highway-worshipin’, Applebees-eatin’ suburbanites spit in the face of progress [time][1] and [again][2], then steal our baseball team.

Commentary: Tuition hikes and HOPE on the rocks. No wonder parents are stressing.

First, the somewhat good news. On Tuesday, the Georgia university system's board of regents announced 2012-2013 tuition rates for Georgia colleges and universities, trumpeting that the increase would be the lowest in a decade.

Newt grabs poll position in Iowa

Better hope Newt sent a gift basket (or something nice from Tiffany?) to Herman Cain. By stepping out of the race, the Atlantan and former pizza king directed a GOP surge Gingrich's way. A New York Times/CBS News poll declares Newt the front runner in Iowa. A Washington Post/ABC News poll reached the same verdict.

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