Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul loves us!!!!!

Life right now is kind of like a countdown to the premiere of the final season of "Breaking Bad" on August 11. But some Atlantans haven't had to wait that long for a glimpse of Aaron Paul (who plays the show's meth-addled but loveable Jesse Pinkman), who's been in town filming a movie about fast cars called "Need for Speed."

It’s Friday. Here’s a clip of Donald Glover getting hit in the groin

The cast of NBC's "Community" is less than thrilled Donald Glover will only appear in five epidoes of the show's upcoming fifth season. The Stone Mountain-born actor-cum-rapper is off to FX to produce a music-centric series entitled "Atlanta."

Video of the Day: The Walking Dead as an 80s sitcom

The Walking Dead already has been given the House of Cards treatment, so it's inevitable that a total mood-swing parody would follow. Matin Comedy envisions TWD as a Full House-esque 1980s sitcom.

For those of us who still first think of Andrew Lincoln as the hopelessly smitten gallery guy in Love Actually (and I know I'm not the only one) the thought of Rick as a lovable comedy lead makes total sense. My main kvetch with this perky send up is the excessive screen time allocated to Lori. Really?

RHOA Recap: Phaedra quits Sheree, Cyn spells class F-E-L-O-N-Y

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Episode 408: “New Tricks” recap:As this super-sized 75-minute televised sign of the apocalypse opens, Sheree Whitfield is visiting her attorney Phaedra Parks to complain about the less than stellar outcome at her child support hearing with ex-hubby Bob Whitfield.

Uncle Ruckus The Movie?

If the financing comes through on his next acting project, former Agatha's: A Taste of Mystery actor and writer Gary Anthony Williams might just be flexing his improv skills again later this year. For three seasons now, the former "Malcolm in the Middle" actor has given voice to comic strip creator Aaron McGruder's outrageous Uncle Ruckus character on "The Boondocks," the popular Cartoon Network Adult Swim animated series.

Walking Dead Escape debuts in Atlanta May 31

Until you can put that CDC Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness into use for real, Walking Dead comics creator Robert Kirkman has a fun alternative for the AMC drama’s legion of fans. And it heads this way May 31 when Philips Arena will play host to the first-ever Walking Dead Escape zombie obstacle course experience.

Conan rocks the Tabernacle!

"I want to welcome everyone who couldn't get a ticket to tonight's Braves game," Conan O'Brien told a cheering audience Monday afternoon at the first Final Four week Atlanta taping of his TBS "Conan" late night show at the Tabernacle downtown. Longtime fans like Jas Chahal and Stephanie Kasper, who had won their tickets through the website, had been milling about on Luckie Street all day. Chahal had driven up from Orlando for the occasion and from their second row seats, they had orange signs reading "ATL Luvs Coco" and "Conan Hug Me" signs at the ready (note to fans attending this week's shows at the Tabernacle: the show's stage manager requests that the audience refrain from displaying your Conan love signage since it will interfere with the cameras swinging around capturing the show in progress).

Snow and walkers: A tale of two Atlanta apocalypses

The jokes comparing the Snowpocalypse to The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse have been endless, so we decided to have a match-up of our own.

Video of the Day: ATL Bat Dad on the Today Show

In less than a month, Roswell dad-of-four Blake Wilson earned cult status thanks to Vine videos in which he wears a Bat Man mask while handing down parental edicts ("tables are for glasses, not asses") and making safety PSAs.

Preview: TLC’s Chilli gets bootylicious for “Celebrities Undercover”

TLC member and Atlanta native Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is no stranger to reality TV, but fans might have trouble recognizing her in latest gig on Oxygen’s Celebrities Undercover. The hidden camera show from executive producers Wendy Williams and Kim Kardashian transforms celebrities into everyday people using wigs and prosthetics and sends them into staged situations to discover what fans really say about them.

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