Q&A with author David Beasley

The author of "Without Mercy: The Stunning True Story of Race, Crime, and Corruption in the Deep South" discusses his research, former Governor E.D. Rivers, and the death penalty.

How pop-up restaurants are making Atlanta’s food scene so much better

As obvious as the physical transformation of Atlanta’s restaurant scene has been, an underground dining revolution is also underway. The latter—waged by chefs hosting pop-up “restaurants” and dinner series, as well as entrepreneurs offering incubating spaces—isn’t as easy to observe as the former. But it’s similarly impressive. In many ways, it’s more impressive.

“In Their Own Words:” A new photo series from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will inspire you

September is both Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and to raise awareness of and donations toward research for both diseases, the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta launched a new photo series that shows Children's patients holding flags with words such as "fearless," "hope," and "brave."
50 Best Things To Do in Georgia what to do in Georgia

Catch a flick under the stars at Swan Drive-In

One of only four drive-ins still operating in Georgia, the Swan Drive-In Theatre opened in 1955 in tiny Blue Ridge.

5. Dave Poe’s

Since 2009, when they split their Sam and Dave’s BBQ empire that reset the bar for metro-area barbecue, Sam Huff and David Poe have been compared constantly by ’cue aficionados. Huff took the original East Cobb location; Poe claimed the space on the other side of Marietta that housed Sam and Dave’s BBQ-2.

High School Rankings: Average SAT

Rankings reflect the scores for seniors in the most recent test. From the 2009–2010 Governor's Office of Student Achievement Report Card, the most recent available.
Susan Schuenemann

Police never found who shot and raped Susan Schuenemann, but she hopes science might

For years, Susan lived with a hyperawareness of her surroundings, an obsession with safety. A slamming door would bring her back to the sound of the gunshot and that fetid crawl space. She would wake from a nightmare, heart pounding, listening for unexpected sounds in the house.

“Sheriff on Deck!”

The sheriff in charge of the jail is a man named Victor Hill, who took office on January 1, 2005. Hill wears a pencil moustache, clock-shaped Gino Franco cufflinks that actually tell time and a badge hanging from a chain around his neck. He stands 5-feet-5. Short men with power and the lust for more are inevitably likened to Napoleon, and in his 18 months as sheriff, Hill hasn’t done much to invalidate the comparison.
Honda Battle of the Bands

Experience “showtime” at the Honda Battle of the Bands

At the annual showcase of the country’s best HBCU bands, high-stepping drum majors with plumed hats and drill canes perform spins and splits, sequined majorettes and dance squads execute fierce routines, and the crowd roars and dances in their seats.
Fitness gear 2017

Fresh new gear for your fresh new year

Feel good and look great in this athletic gear from Patagonia, Varley, Allbirds, and more.

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