December 2011: Best of Atlanta

By Charles Bethea

Eat This: Shakshuka at Spiller Park Toco Hills

Unlike Hugh Acheson’s counter-service coffee shop in Ponce City Market, the Toco Hills location of Spiller Park has a tiny but capable kitchen that’s taking the menu beyond apple- or avocado-loaded toast.

In season: 5 Atlanta restaurants with odes to okra

Okra is as fickle to grow as it is cook, sometimes emerging in tough stalks or resulting in slimy preparations. And after September, the quintessentially-Southern vegetable becomes difficult to source. Before it's too late, visit these five spots for okra that's fried, charred, pickled, and more. With so many varying preparations, even okra-fearing diners may take a liking to this polarizing vegetable.

ATL Tweets of the Day: January 25, 2012

travhatter  from a police report: "he smelled the odor of green marijuana" -- are there other types of marijuana?
Sunny Point Cafe

Hangover Helpers: Brewers buzz about their favorite spots for the morning after

Five brewers give us the buzz on the best ways to kill a hangover—from fried chicken to queso-loaded nachos to mimosas and Bloody Marys.
Christ's Chapel

38. Christ’s Chapel, Darien

The “Smallest Church in America” is located along U.S. 17. Built in 1949, it was the brainchild of local grocer Agnes Harper.

ATL Tweets of the Day: October 5, 2011

wcdarling  Remind me to avoid midday trips to Executive Park. No Cliff shuttle service = crappy bus/walk/train trip. Currently at Lindbergh, argh.

What’s next for Whitney Otawka, formerly of Cinco y Diez?

Last Sunday, Hugh Acheson’s Mexican restaurant Cinco y Diez opened its doors for the last time. Less than one year in, the restaurant, led by executive chef Whitney Otawka, closed because “the business side was lacking,” according to Acheson. Now Otawka—who previously served as executive chef of the now defunct Farm 255—is working on her next steps.
Lee Haney

Eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney returns to the site of his iconic gym

“Man,” Lee Haney says, “I am puzzled! Golly. Oh my goodness. Mass confusion! I feel like Captain America when he fell in the ice and woke up years later.”

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