The realization just came that I was ten when I smoked my first Marlboro. It hit me in the face like a frozen mackerel, because today my own daughter is the same age, and when I look at her I can’t fathom a cigarette on her lip.

Match Points

My name is Meg, and I’m your perennially single friend. You know, the one who helped you move, threw an epic bachelorette party for you, and went to a company cookout with your cousin Brad after his date dumped him (you still owe me big for that). But I’m thirty-one now, and my dating history (Brad included) has been a bit pathetic. So I turned to two local dating experts: Jula Jane, a blonde, finely kempt executive matchmaker (i.e., she connects people in Ted Turner’s tax

Finalists for the Great Southern Beer Competition compete Saturday at Red Brick Brewing

Anyone who's taken a brewery tour in Atlanta knows that some of the city's most popular beers started out on home brew kits. This Saturday, July 18 at Red Brick Brewing, the Great Southern Craft Beer Competition finalist party offers attendees the chance to support up-and-coming talent by voting for their favorite home brew, by finalists Zachary Owen and Alan Pugh.

Video of the Day: The Regular Guys call us “douchey”

Listen to their allegation, from this morning's show, at the four-minute mark. Essentially, our writer at large, Justin Heckert, did a feature on the Beards of Comedy, a local quartet of stand-up acts, in our April issue. Since the group has a regular spot on Regular Guys, Heckert suggested we send them some copies of the mag. Larry Wachs contends this makes us "douchey." Really? What do you think?

Open Water

In his short story “The Swimmer,” author John Cheever uses the suburban pool to invoke the cruel passage of time in one man’s mistake-riddled life. Dustin Hoffman’s character in "The Graduate" comically avoids adulthood in the depths of his parents’ pool.
Charcoal beauty products

Summer Trend: These activated charcoal products promise to detoxify your skin

Activated charcoal has been used for centuries to pull impurities from the body. Now, this ashy carbon residue has reached beauty-fad status with products that fight oil, treat acne, and detoxify the skin. 

Should you check out Atlanta’s new Halal Guys? Sure, once the hype settles down.

If you follow any Instagram accounts centered around eating in Atlanta, you've no doubt seen a proliferation of pictures showing the round foil gyro platters from the Halal Guys, which opened on January 28. So is it worth the trip? Yes, but maybe not this week.

Cayman Islands

Our forty-five-foot boat was chugging through the North Sound of Grand Cayman, the water an otherworldly turquoise beneath a clearing sky, when we heard a splash off the starboard side.

Atlanta’s The Constellations make a music video: “Felicia”

Atlanta's The Constellations make a music video: "Felicia"

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