9. One Eared Stag

Robert Phalen probably wishes that people would stop talking about his burger, but it’s his own fault for concocting something this addictive—and giving it such a provocative name.
Tyler Perry

25. Tyler Perry

Born into poverty in New Orleans, the media and entertainment mogul took inspiration from Oprah’s advice to keep a diary of his thoughts. He turned those early missives into a hit musical, propelling him toward success
Dr. Hui-Kuo Shu

The first time I injected radioactive material into a brain

We did a lot of planning and dry runs, but I was still a bit nervous. This treatment is rarely used, and the last time it was done here at Emory was probably 25 years ago.

July 2012

First, why isn’t anyone talking about the name? TSPLOST. It sounds like one of those nonsense words my two-year-old son says after he licks the icing off a cupcake. Don’t you wonder about the bureaucrats who dream up these acronyms? Seriously, where do they come up with this? It stands, by the way, for Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, which is an inexcusable euphemism for "You’ll be paying more." Supporters of the July 31 vote—which will determine whether we add another 1 percent to our sales tax to fund $6 billion worth of transportation projects—are worried about turnout, since there’s nothing else on the ballot, it’s the middle of summer, and really, wouldn’t we rather be watching the Olympics? I think there should be a second question on the ballot: "Should Georgia lawmakers henceforth be forever banned from using the word SPLOST, on pain of death?" Voters would queue for hours.

First look: Sid and Ann Mashburn open a new lifestyle shop at Westside Provisions District

Do you take your coffee with a dash of Mashburn? This week, Atlanta’s famed designer-retailers Sid and Ann Mashburn opened the doors to their latest concept at Westside Provisions District: an expansion that includes a coffee bar, their new kids line, and a smattering of books, home decor, music, and more.

WSB-AM listeners, staffers stunned by death of Boortz producer Royal Marshall

WSB-AM began its noon newscast Saturday with a story that hit the news gathering organization right at home. Assistant program director Condace Pressley announced that WSB-AM producer Raymond Royal Marshall had collapsed at home and died early Saturday morning at age 43.   Marshall produced The Neal Boortz Radio Show since 1996. No immediate cause of death was known. He is survived by his wife Annette and two daughters Amira,


It was a Friday evening commute spent in classic, nerve-jangling Atlanta traffic. The speed-stop-speed-stop flux of cars extended straight from Downtown into the parking lot of Canoe in Vinings, where valet attendants conducted drivers with Wagnerian fervor. My dining comrades were still stuck on the highway; the woman at the hostess station suggested I wait for them at the new outdoor bar.
Corby Kummer

Commentary: When it comes to dining, Atlanta should look inward

Atlanta is a city that looks outward far more than inward, or even nearby. Outward, say, to the Lower East Side (the General Muir’s pastrami), or to China (Gu’s Dumplings), or to France (Bread & Butterfly’s tender, airy omelets). With the glorious exception of Ryan Smith at Staplehouse, I didn’t find a posse of young, or youngish, chefs all cooking as much for each other as for the public. The priority in Atlanta is less innovation based on local ingredients, as at Staplehouse, than finding a formula that works and then pumping out food to fit it. This makes for generous, untweezed food. But it also means food that, once successful, can become rote.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Local Furniture Store: Matthews Furniture and Design

This isn't your grandmother's Matthews. Although the 35-year-old, family-owned Buckhead business still carries traditional reproductions (yes, even Stickley's Mission furniture), its current mix of classic and contemporary styles would impress any millennial.
Oh Baby! Fitness

Oh Baby! Fitness offers workouts for moms-to-be and new moms

When Clare Schexnyder was expecting her first child in 2005, it was hard to find exercise classes aimed at mothers-to-be. So she came up with Oh Baby! Fitness.

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