Hot Shop: EcoEmporium

It’s not by chance that EcoEmporium, the new earth-friendly boutique in West Midtown, looks familiar. Owners Carol and Bruce Held hired the designers behind mall chain Anthropologie to create a calming space with antique display cases and simple art. Only instead of bohemian wares, the Helds’ “bazaar of sorts” provides a step-by-step guide

Hot Shop: Grey Parrot Gallery

Address/phone: 2300 Peachtree Road, A-101, 404-352-2990
Robert Spano Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Maestro: With the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Robert Spano redefines 21st century classical music

A composer before he became a conductor, and a former director of Tanglewood's Festival of Contemporary Music, Robert Spano is at the center of a whirlwind in classical music that's blowing the dusty doors off the symphonic world.


The remarkable behind-the-scenes story of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1968 funeral.
You have thousands of angels around you Atlanta Magazine

“You Have Thousands of Angels Around You”

She got off the plane from Paris with nothing more than a couple of small bags. The bags had been packed for days as she waited for Eddie, a stranger who had approached her out of nowhere to say he knew all about her problems and could help.

JCT Kitchen & Bar

Wishful thinking goes a long way toward explaining why too many Atlantans, some of them respected colleagues of mine, speak of JCT Kitchen & Bar as if it were a dyed-in-the-wool Southern restaurant, the deluxe meat-and-three of their dreams.

“Sheriff on Deck!”

The sheriff in charge of the jail is a man named Victor Hill, who took office on January 1, 2005. Hill wears a pencil moustache, clock-shaped Gino Franco cufflinks that actually tell time and a badge hanging from a chain around his neck. He stands 5-feet-5. Short men with power and the lust for more are inevitably likened to Napoleon, and in his 18 months as sheriff, Hill hasn’t done much to invalidate the comparison.

The Innocents

The letters are desperate. They are filled with obvious lies, or sorrowful grievances, or unrestrained rage, or childlike hope. They are peppered with grammatical errors of the uneducated and the legalese of the jailhouse lawyer.

Bill and Doug Got Married*

It was a small wedding. Bill and Doug arrived together for the ceremony, as for the past 50 years they had arrived together for everything. Each wore a braided gold band as a symbol of commitment. They were not dressed traditionally for such an occasion, but since it was theirs to celebrate, what they wore didn’t matter.

The Joy of Spanx

With her blond good looks and quick comic timing, Blakely, 33, evokes a starlet from the screwball-comedy era, a woman who could slip on a banana peel and fall, arms flailing, into the embrace of the leading man. A woman boldly willing to make an ass of herself.

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