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Winter Storms 2014

Snow and walkers: A tale of two Atlanta apocalypses

The jokes comparing the Snowpocalypse to The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse have been endless, so we decided to have a match-up of our own.
Atlanta snow storm 2014

#EPIC FAIL: 2 inches of snow, 18 hours of gridlock, thousands of Atlantans stranded

We all know that Atlantans can't cope with snow, and we're generally quick to defend ourselves from critical Yankees who don't understand that you can't stockpile salt and plows for flakes that fall with less frequency than the Spider-Man franchise gets another reboot. But the gridlock that started at noon yesterday and is continuing into this morning can't be blamed on Southern climate. (Gov. Deal: We'll get to your "unexpected storm" comments shortly.) This fiasco provides brutal evidence of metro Atlanta's tragic lack of transit planning (or transit options for that matter) and staggering leadership vacuum.
Jon Stewart Daily Show Atlanta

The Daily Show pounds Atlanta with fresh snark storm

Just like Georgia governor Nathan Deal’s response to Tuesday’s wintry mix, Atlantans were completely blindsided Thursday night when Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with John Stewart devoted six minutes of airtime to mocking us mercilessly. Describing our traffic snarling weather event as an “ice age doomsday zombie apocalypse,” Stewart pondered: “I can’t even imagine how much snow it would take to bring on the zombie apocalypse. Three feet? Ten feet?” Cut to a clip of a Fox News anchor: “Two inches of snow hit the area.” “Really?” asked Stewart. “Two inches of snow? Is that what happens when the south is confronted by something not specifically mentioned in Revelations?”

Sam Massell: It’s time to say “never again”

Last Tuesday night, huddled behind the steering wheel in an overcoat, gloves and a hat, Buckhead Coalition president Sam Massell was gridlocked on Atlanta’s main artery, stuck in the slush with the rest of us. As his usual 16-minute Buckhead commute down Peachtree Road slid into an hour, Massell, 86, had time to reflect on half a century of metro Atlanta's mass transit maladies.

Winter shutdowns had a brutal impact on some small businesses in Atlanta

When all of us are hunkered down at home, it means no one’s going out for drinks or dinner or a haircut or to a gallery opening. For hourly workers, small retailers, and people in the food and service industries, the shutdown of metro Atlanta—twice!—in a month means millions in lost revenue.

#Snowmaggedon: Chipper to the rescue!

Last night, like so many commuters, Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was stranded on the clogged, ice-covered Atlanta highways, trying to get home. And likewise, while idling behind the wheel, he thumbed out tweets of frustration. Fortunately for Freeman, a resourceful (and perhaps a little crazy) friend was listening.

Atlantans figure out ways to exercise in cold weather

Serious exercisers aren't put off by the doom and gloom snow, rain, and sleet hitting Atlanta. They find ways to hit the streets, ride bikes, or lug laundry in order to get their exercise fix.

#iceATL: In which Atlanta runs out to the store

Okay, after being trapped in gridlock two weeks ago, and the dire warnings of a storm of historical proportions this week, can you blame Atlantans for freaking out? Evidently, when bad weather looms, we all crave carbs. Here's a collection of the best of the pre-storm "surge at the supermarket" photos, now a social media specialty of its own.

A storm do over for Deal and Reed?

For parents this latest weather crisis means more snow days, cabin fever, and scrambling for childcare—the APS, DeKalb, and Fulton school systems already announced closures. For businesses, the storm means more disruption. For Deal and Reed, on the other hand, the prospect of ice, rain, or sleet falling from the heavens is a heaven-sent opportunity for a political do-over. Which means that voters will be watching their response as closely as the governor and mayor are watching the skies.

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