Hop on a bike!

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed has a goal of making Atlanta a top 10 bike-friendly city by 2016.

Try a winter community-supported agriculture program

Most Community-Supported Agriculture programs take a break during winter, but a few keep going, offering greens and root vegetables such as kale, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Dab on natural beauty products

HollyBeth is the only USDA-certified organic skincare company in Atlanta.

Fight wrinkles: The most popular fillers in the Southeast

Learn which fillers are the most popular in the Southeast, plus find out how much sunblock you need to protect your skin.

Keep a gratitude journal

People who write down what they’re grateful for are 25% happier.

Sweat in style with this workout outfit

Fashion meets fitness. Today’s hottest workout wear goes from the gym to the street.

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